Jan 14, 2006
State of Mind is an eye-opener.
Sep 30, 2005
This fascinating documentary details day-to-day life in the hard-line Communist state of North Korea.
Sep 23, 2005
A riveting BBC documentary that illuminates the character of that nation.
Sep 2, 2005
It's a quietly wrenching eye-opener.
Sep 1, 2005
A fresh, straightforward portrayal of what the film calls 'the least visible ... least known ... least understood ... country in the world.'
Aug 26, 2005
The biggest value of the movie is the depiction of Pyongyang life, the elaborate Mass Games choreography, a wondrous road trip to the revered Mount Paektu, and the ideological mind-set of typical North Korean citizens.
Aug 12, 2005
Not even the widest political chasms, Gordon finds, can eradicate the universal pleasure of a young girl's giggle.
Aug 10, 2005
Admirably non-judgmental docu about life in 'the least visited, known, understood country in the world,' per Brit director Daniel Gordon, brings a refreshing balance to the usual blind vilification of the country.
Aug 10, 2005
A portrait of the power of power.
Aug 10, 2005
A State of Mind offers a rare and often chilling glimpse into the culture of North Korea.
Aug 10, 2005
A nifty documentary by Brit Daniel Gordon, who directed, wrote and narrated.
Aug 9, 2005
One leaves the film with the Twilight Zone sense that the place isn't quite the hellhole prior reports have suggested.