A Tale of Two Sisters Reviews

April 15, 2011
March 28, 2005
...yet another pointless, interminably paced Asian horror flick that's inexplicably garnered heaps of praise and adulation...
March 9, 2005
Well-tread territory.
January 14, 2005
A bit of cinematic showing-off that offers an intriguing puzzle but never really makes us care.
December 27, 2004
We aren't meant to understand the story fully until the film's closing minutes, so the shocks and suggestions come in a muddled context.
December 17, 2004
Murky and pretty near incomprehensible.
December 16, 2004
When all is finally revealed, it becomes clear that the stylish spookiness was its own slim reward.
December 9, 2004
Although A Tale of Two Sisters has some excellent suspense sequences, it falters badly during the dramatic parts.
September 14, 2004
More deliberately paced than even the most deliberately paced Asian horror movie and twice as complex.