A Town Called Panic (Panique au village) Reviews

March 15, 2018
The truth is that you have to be in the mood to enjoy this film without falling asleep, getting bored or confused. [Full review in Spanish]
January 4, 2018
A little goes a very long way, and even at 75 minutes it ends up feeling silly and self-indulgent.
November 18, 2011
November 17, 2011
April 14, 2011
full review at Movies for the Masses
October 11, 2010
Charming and highly original but a little of it goes a long way.
October 11, 2010
Though it probably works best in short bursts on DVD, it might just be wacky and strange enough to appeal to kids who'll simply accept it for what it is.
October 10, 2010
A very small amount of this would be funny. But here, there's 77 minutes of it. And that's about 76 minutes and 30 seconds too much to stomach in one sitting.
April 22, 2010
Make no mistake about it, Panic has some merits. It's unlike anything currently being done in the animation realm. Unfortunately, it lacks the playfulness and endearing qualities of its clay-animated kin...
March 12, 2010
I watched A Town Called Panic without the assistance of any controlled substances, and that might be why I hated it.
January 22, 2010
A Town Called Panic feels more like some exotic animated curiosity than a film to return to again and again.
January 20, 2010
Absurdity is supposed to carry the day in this fantastical satire of rural life, but the film's material is too mild and its bag of tricks (flurries of motion and noise followed by pauses of stillness and silence) too repetitive.
December 16, 2009
December 15, 2009
If you want more crass parody, and more creative use of action figures, check out Robot Chicken