A Town Called Panic (Panique au village) Reviews

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November 18, 2011
November 17, 2011
October 8, 2010
Bounces around with a hyperactive dementia that somehow never flags.
October 7, 2010
Like a very lo-fi Toy Story with the vibe of a live-action Terry Gilliam cartoon and the addled craziness of SpongeBob SquarePants; it's funny for adults and children alike in a refreshing, barking mad sort of way.
October 7, 2010
A heady and utterly unapologetic roller-coaster ride into a hyper-vivid, hyperactive world created from cheap children's toys.
October 6, 2010
If someone laced Wallace and Gromit's stockpile of West Country cheeses with hallucinogens, they might start to show some of the free-associative abandon of the characters in this trippy debut feature...
June 18, 2010
Directors Stphane Aubier and Vincent Patar (who also provide voices) display a pleasantly warped sensibility without going for adult humor.
March 26, 2010
There's really very little to say about this film beyond that it's absolutely brilliant.
March 11, 2010
If you've ever seen anything like A Town Called Panic, you either made it yourself or you dreamed it.
February 19, 2010
All the silliness unfolds in a complex social structure, where good manners are expected, bad behaviour is punished and birthdays are not to be forgotten.
February 19, 2010
In a world lousy with computer animation and 3-D whizz-bangery -- j'accuse, James Cameron! -- it's nice to know there's still fun to be had with nothing more than plastic figures and a little imagination.
January 29, 2010
Made with an anarchic, anything-goes spirit, this is truly a film, not to mention a town, where you never know what's going to happen next.
January 21, 2010
It may put you in mind of silent comedies and freewheeling animators of the past like Chuck Jones.
January 21, 2010
Pleasing to look at, Panic intentionally resembles an amateur, stop-motion project, but one can't watch it without being amazed at the extraordinary effort involved in putting together a movie like this, a few frames at a time.
January 21, 2010
Stop-motion at its messiest and nuttiest.
January 21, 2010
A Town Called Panic is a proudly Calvinist work -- I mean the comic strip character, not the philosopher -- that understands the delights of deep play.
January 21, 2010
So this is what deadpan slapstick surrealist Belgian stop-motion animation looks like. I like it!
January 14, 2010
Because the plot is just one doggoned thing after another without the slightest logic, there's no need to watch it all the way through at one sitting. If you watch it a chapter or two at a time, it should hold up nicely.
January 8, 2010
With all the high-profile animated movies out there now, it would be a loss if A Town Called Panic was stampeded in the shuffle.
December 25, 2009
A Town Called Panic is an adventure story as fast-paced and exciting as any currently in theaters.
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