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March 19, 2015
AKA The Exam. Much better than most glossy, hyped American espionage thrillers. Makes its points effectively. Surveillance obsessed societies suck. And no one is safe from the mistrust and paranoia. In the end they breed nothing but ruthless dobbers. And a population living in fear, trusting no one. Sick.
October 9, 2013
Hungary a year after the Communists crushed the 1956 uprising is the setting of "A vizsga". Intelligence agent Jung is preparing to spend Christmas meeting operatives and having some intimate moments with girlfriend Éva. His mentor Markó, a venerable Hungarian Communist, oversees his work secretly, bugging his flat and watching him from across the street. The Hungarian secret police have decided to test Jung's loyalty on this day, but in this game of cat and mouse it quickly becomes unclear who is who.

Some of the dramatic twists and turns are interesting, as is the moral that in Soviet-dominated Hungary, even doing good by your coworkers could cost you your career. This is not an especially great film, however. The film music and the fight and sex scenes are Hollywood-ish, and the film does not vividly recreate the Budapest of 1957.
February 17, 2013
Amusing, clever game of deception, mistrust, suspicion, and turnabout.
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