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May 15, 2016
A film showing the Swedish pop group ABBA's tour of North America and
Europe in 1979. The majority of the film is devoted to the concert at
Wembley Arena in London but we also have footage from certain US
concerts plus backstage and between-concerts scenes.

A great reminder of the phenomenon that was ABBA - the innocent,
singalong lyrics, the wonderful tunes. Also a reminder when music still
had a degree of innocence and wonder.

So, as you would expect, the music is great. However, the rest, even
the concert theatrics are quite dull. The behind-the-scenes stuff
doesn't add anything, is largely bland and even feels staged. The
concerts capture the vibrancy and innocence of the band, but the stage
work feels sort of amateurish. This amateurishness adds to the charm in
one way but just feels clumsy in another.

Maybe I just feel disappointed that an ABBA show would seem so

Also worth noting that this tour was ABBA's final tour. They broke up
three years later, never having toured again.
February 5, 2012
Preparations to ABBA's concert in the United States, and the concert itself. A few hits and young Swedish artists at the peak of their career. The quality of photography could be better.
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