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When a woman embarks on a series of horrific murders after being possessed by an ancient demon, a skilled exorcist is called on to stop the evil. This low-budget blaxploitation horror film centers on the battle between the exorcist and the demonic spirit.
Classics , Horror
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American International Picture


William Marshall
as Bishop Garnet Williams
Carol Speed
as Abby Williams
Terry Carter
as Rev. Emmett Williams
Austin Stoker
as Cass Potter
Juanita Moore
as Mama Potter
Charles Kissinger
as Dr. Hennings
Nathan Cook
as Taft Hassan
Bob Holt
as The Demon
Nancy Lee Owens
as Mrs. Wiggins
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Abby is an excellent example of lost blaxploitation cinema. This one was successfully removed from theaters upon it's release after a lawsuit from Warner Bros. declared that the movie was a rip off of the Exorcist. Well, it was! However, it seems to me that it could have very well been considered a parody and not have been doomed to rarity for all these years. Thank god for DVD's. The new release is great and loaded with special features. I picked mine up at and was very happy with it. Just remember that this is a rare film because most prints were destroyed following the lawsuit. So, don't expect a crystal clear print. Do expect a laugh a minute as "The Exorcist" gets the "Blaxploitation" treatment. A classic!

George Grawyler
George Grawyler

Normally, it doesn't get better than your standard blaxploitation, but a blaxploitation exorcism that's golden, baby! Abby: The Story of a Woman Possessed is writer/director and king of exploitation William Girdler's (Three on a Meathook, Grizzly, Day of the Animals, The Manitou) blaxploitation interpretation of the Exorcist as Blacula himself, the late great William Marshall, a preacher and studier of African archeology travels to Nigeria for an excavation that has him unleashing a demonic and evil force that travels all the way back to the states and inhabits Marshall's son's wife Abby (the lovely Carol Speed). Now, Abby begins changing as she develops a heavily sexual appetite, not to mention a potty mouth to boot. It's not long before she goes on a soul-collecting rampage, leaving it up to Marshall, husband Terry Carter (Foxy Brown), and brother Austin Stoker (Assault on Precinct 13) to stop this evil force once and for all and save Abby. If you're a fan of blaxploitation, grindhouse-style films, or even Exorcism films, Abby's got that sweet medicine to soothe you. It's campy, it's heavily dated, and it's incredibly grainy and vintage, which is all the more reason to set your time machine back to a time where movies were actually fun and entertaining and not this bullshit corporate megaforce that works purely for monetary gain rather than art. Abby will do you good. Kudos to Speed for creating such a unique character, well...two characters actually. Also, Marshall is always fun to watch, with his eloquent, boisterous baritone voice that sounds like he's 110% serious all the time. Good film.

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

A conservative pastor's wife is possessed by an evil African spirit and turns into a blaspheming slattern. Carol Speed does well playing the split personalities of title character, but the film begs the question: since it's such a blatant rip-off of "The Exorcist" with a mostly black cast and co-stars William "Blacula" Marshall, why not just title it "The Blacorsist"?

Greg S
Greg S

Super Reviewer

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