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February 15, 2017
if only I could give negative stars,
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½ November 24, 2016
It is irritating to see a movie so awfully edited and structured, full of artificial conflicts and with a horrible dialogue, unable even to maintain focus and, worst of all, to offer any particularly interesting insight into its protagonist, who remains in the end a poorly delineated sketch.
May 1, 2016
About Cherry looked like it tried to present an intimate portrait of a girl with its melancholic soundtrack and thoughtful close-ups, but it ended up resembling a parody of itself instead. On the basis of theme, it was kind of more interesting. Basically, it eliminated men from the picture entirely, which seems to suggest that men are either exploitative or judgmental, and that Cherry, our heroine in question, couldn't find solace with them, so turns to a woman instead. To be fair-ish, the film isn't suggesting that all women are supportive or supportive by default of their gender, so it has that going for it ? But it's certainly not kind to men. In all, this isn't really a movie about female sexuality, and the countless obstacles that prevent its integration into society, and it's certainly not a feminist film. It was more practical than anything else, like if someone doesn't approve of you, find someone who will. With that said, it falls short of making any kind of meaningful point.
½ October 24, 2015
no substance... no real purpose... not much of a story. make a film about porn? at least give it some sort of purpose... nothing but superficial, unfocused issues.
½ September 9, 2015
10% is generous for this film. Characters do whatever the hell they want for no reason whatsoever. Bizarre.
½ April 2, 2015
This film doesn't matter. It has no place in this world. It tries to make the character seem pitiful, helpless and sympathetic. But she's none of those with the decisions she makes.
There are no obstacles for her to face, no situations that even seem to matter, that the film makes a great big deal out of.
If anything this film made me hate people in the adult industry even more.
One thing that made me flip out. Who touches themselves watching an adult film with no headphones, volume up high, door wide open, and pants still on. So basically this film is a lie. Nothing in this film would happen, ever., Not the events taken place. But the way they happen and for what reason they happen for. Terrible.
March 8, 2015
rather tame and generic, however you do feel near the end that its starting to get somewhere then it ends suddenly without any particular closure or denfined path to the life she chooses. pointless
½ March 6, 2015
couldv'e been 30 min
½ February 26, 2015
Flat and all around uninteresting.
December 25, 2014
Good performances but no real point to the movie with a boring script. Franco has done better work.
½ November 6, 2014
98 minutes of non-movie as the only exciting thing about this drag is Cherry getting popped into the porn scene by Heather Graham, who has probably now played more pornstar roles in mainstream films than any actual pornstar.
September 10, 2014
I liked this movie. I dunno why reviews were were so harsh.
September 4, 2014
A film which is neither inovative or daring unlike certain types of feminists like to claim, further as someone who is closer to "the other" type of feminst (a la Sweden) I think the film misses a massive chance to actually be daring such as maybe having andrew continue to sleep in the same bed as her once she knows of his feeling but not have sex with her but occasionaly she will have sex with him just to service her needs and throw him some crumbs, then him realzing he doesnt want to be exploited no more by the defacto psuedo Patriach as he is going to become his own matriach. That my friends, that would have been more interesting and more truly progressive.
August 25, 2014
This movie had potential, but squandered it. The story of how a normal, average woman ends up in the porn industry had a lot going for it. It started well enough and seemed to be building to something profound. Instead, from a point it just drifts, and ends up going nowhere. At times it seems judgmental, then next moment titillating. Instead of objectivity the writer and director try to hedge their bets.

On the plus side, Ashley Hinshaw is great in the lead role. Stunningly beautiful, and convincing. James Franco proves yet again that he is vastly overrated as an actor, coming across as a clueless kid in a school play. He is may well be the male version of Kristen Stewart...

Heather Graham does well in a supporting role. Dev Patel seems a bit miscast in his role.
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August 5, 2014
With her mother(Lili Taylor) being an alcoholic, 18-year old Angelina(Ashley Hinshaw) is left to take care of her younger sister Jojo(Maya Raines). At the same time, Angelina desperately wants to spread her wings and live her own life. But her job at a laundromat is not going to get her far. So, she poses nude for Vaughn(Ernest Waddell). That gets her the money for her and her friend Andrew(Dev Patel) to move to San Francisco. That's where she works as a waitress in a strip club where she meets Frances(James Franco).

Alternately erotic and chaste, "About Cherry" does admittedly suffer from a lack of focus at times. But it is also refreshing in it not being a garden variety cautionary tale. Rather, it is about somebody who is surrounded by cautionary tales. And it is a nice touch that the movie depicts a corner of the adult film industry as being both gay and female friendly. Out of all the surprises here, the biggest has to be the neat turn by none other than Heather Graham.
July 21, 2014
Just another attempt to create a female centric "Boogie Nights."
½ June 10, 2014
Ashley Hinshaw (Angelina) seems emotionless throughout and is a fairly hollow performance. No real plot and pretty flimsy middle and end.
May 25, 2014
Very slow, very little story and very boring!
It was sad to see Heather Graham in something this bad!
April 20, 2014
I am still waiting for something interesting to happen.
April 11, 2014
few parts of San Francisco - good to kill some time on the plane
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