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½ July 7, 2016
Ugh sooo booooooring! if you've logged on to Flixster or rotten tomatoes to see what others are saying about this movie because you've started to watch it and you're now wondering "Is this ever going to get any better?" - it doesn't.

or maybe you're wondering "Does this story ever develop into anything other than the thuddingly obvious?" - again it doesn't.

"Is there at least a payoff if I sit through
all these long irritating unnecessary scenes of 4 unlikable characters being boring?" YES! A sad trombone. gwah-gwah-gwah...
April 9, 2015
The only reason I gave this movie one star is because the storyline had a lot of potential. The acting was horrible. The handheld camera/homemade film style was executed incredibly poorly. If this movie had been filmed in a regular third person type style and had different actors, it probably would've been better. I was unbelievably disappointed.
December 21, 2014
Found Footage is usually movies I enjoy, but this was bad. It was almost like someone dug up their own vacation footage, and then edited half a dozen scenes to include blue lights and an alien figure.
½ February 2, 2014
I actually enjoyed the acting, the dialogue, and the suspense...but much like "The Devil Inside," it seemed to lack a compelling third act.
Super Reviewer
January 24, 2014
This is The Fourth Kind meets Paranormal Activity in a really bad way. Most of the dialogue is unnecessary, trying too hard to make it seem real. Unfortunately, what that did is lose my interest in the process.
January 10, 2014
Absence is another entry into the found footage genre notable only for what it's missing - a cohesive narrative and a reason to care
November 7, 2013
I personally like the 'found footage' type movies and I think the film was well done. The story has some scary parts and the actors do a good job of explaining what is happening to the audience so you feel like you are involved in their day to day. There is some suspense and mystery and a bunch of 'slice of life' scenes. As the story unfolds it is clear there is something more to the story and something bad is going to happen. The conclusion of the movie is not overly groundbreaking and somewhat expected, but still a good movie.
October 14, 2013
One line summary: Blair Witch meets alien abduction, done badly.

Liz was seven months pregnant. She wakes up one morning not pregnant. Doctors had no explanation for this other than 'you killed it.' The police interrogate them, check their plumbing for signs of disposal of the fetus, have them watched, but found no sufficient evidence early on.
Evan documents Liz's recovery during a trip taken after the 'abduction.' They stay at Rick's aunt's house, where he used to visit as a boy. Evan is incredibly obnoxious, and his camera work is poor. Rick and Evan are always about that close to a fist fight. Evan even goes out of his way to tick off strangers.
One evening while irritating Rick and Liz, Evan's attention wanders to a light in the sky with accompanying hum. Shortly thereafter, Liz gets another nosebleed. Rick and Evan talk about the progress of the investigation while Liz rests. Rick talks about how he built a crib for the baby, filled it with toys and the like. He's deeply discouraged that anyone would think that the baby was unwanted.
Evan meets Meg, and the four of them spend time together. When Meg and Evan go driving, they see an odd light in the distance; the car loses some functions. Rick returns some of Evan's nonsense by referring to this as Sasquatch and the like.
The childhood story about Liz letting the younger Evan take the blame for burning the house was possibly a clue. Their parents died about five years later when Evan was 12, and Liz helped raising him. During the subsequent night, the odd light appears in the room where Liz and Rick were sleeping. Evan tries to get in but could not.
The next morning, Meg comes by. The funny light episode seems to be completely lost.
Then Liz has a moving lump in her right arm. The symptom subsides, so they decide to go to urgent care in the morning. Later that night, the odd light comes again. Liz is gone in the morning. Evan evidently has the camera on, but neither frames nor focuses it nor even points it.
Rick and Evan go to the nearby town. Evan talks to Meg, who has little interest in helping find Liz. Of course, Evan's needy, demanding approach did not help things along. They look in the woods near the lake where they had recently spent time with Liz. Still nothing.
They find her after a short car ride. She's not in good shape, and coughs up some blood. They try going back to Rick's aunt's house, but Liz coughs up more blood and they take her to urgent care.
They don't get there. It's completely clear that this is yet another 'found film' fake out, not a directed, edited, and scripted movie.


Cinematography: 2/10 Shaky camera, focus problems, bad framing. There are stretches where the camera is just pointed at car upholstery.

Sound: 7/10 Better than the visuals.

Acting: 3/10 Ryan Smale is just terrible. Erin Way, Eric Matheny, and Stephanie Schmolz were better.

Screenplay: 2/10 Lots of filler in this one. Watching Evan drink beer or voiding his bladder or doing bad impressions? Who cares? Is there ever a resolution, or are we just supposed to rely on movie cliches to fill in the voids?
October 3, 2013
An immersive creepfest that plays with imagination and subtlety well. A slow-burner that ends with a terrific bang.
September 20, 2013
No script,bad acting doom this found footage piece of junk.....It seems anyone with a hand held camera eventually will make a lfound footage movie and they could'nt do worse than this.
½ September 9, 2013
Past and future combine to make something not quite as good as either. Haven't we seen enough Alien Defamation.
½ August 24, 2013
Perhaps it's because I'm a sucker for alien-abduction films, but I thoroughly enjoyed Absence, which follows a pregnant woman whose fetus disappears because of possibly alien reasons. While not entirely original, Absence still manages to bring something new to the found-footage alien-abduction sub-genre. A slow-building, somewhat clever, and creepy film, Absence will possibly delight fans who still enjoy the found-footage genre.
August 9, 2013
I have to agree about the "Blair Witch" type of filming. I'm SOOOOO over this type of filming. Everytime I see one of these styles, I quit watching it. Even the preview stinks. STOP MAKING HAND HELD, SHAKY, UNFOCUSED FILMS!!! Cheap movie, cheap filming, cheap producer and cheap storyline.
August 3, 2013
I think the Amateur footage genre died with this movie.
July 21, 2013
Don't waste your time on this. I kept waiting for anything good to happen, but nothing ever did.
July 20, 2013
Dont bother boooooooring
July 19, 2013
Super irritating to watch. Don't have much else to say.
½ July 19, 2013
Found-footage-invasion-thriller. "Absence" is a perfect titel because every ingredient for a good movie is absence! Avoid!!
July 8, 2013
This is a great example of Independent Film Making at its best. A bunch of talented pieces coming together for this unique movie going experience. I loved the suspense and acting from all the cast, the lead Ryan Smale and Erin Way were superb as well as Eric Matheny's subtle character work.
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