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November 3, 2018
Despite several hilarious moments involving oddball classes and crude attempts to deceive parents, it's a teen movie by numbers and ultimately the maths don't add up.
October 2, 2012
December 28, 2010
It has a few funny bits here and there, but they're deeply mired in the seen-it-all-beforeness of the film.
August 7, 2008
May 17, 2007
Sporadically entertaining but relentlessly lightweight...
March 15, 2007
Though keeping worthwhile targets - like professors who want to see their most creative students fail - director Steve Pink lets his punk inspiration slide into standard school rivalries and unrelated slapstick.
November 12, 2006
[Accepted] would be funnier with an R rating on principle
October 6, 2006
October 5, 2006
Average comedy that's low on jokes and doesn't quite live up to its premise, though it remains watchable thanks to a charming performance by Justin Long.
September 28, 2006
Amid the corny cliches, the writers have buried several genuinely hilarious throwaway lines.
September 23, 2006
September 2, 2006
Wants to be so much funnier than it actually is.
August 31, 2006
A flat comedy based on a flimsy premise and filled out with the usual "snowballing lie" plot, climaxing in the "rousing speech."
August 28, 2006
expect an uneasy feeling of recycling.
August 26, 2006
Subversive, sophomoric comedy
August 23, 2006
If -- for whatever incomprehensible reason -- you're searching for a movie with maximum ennui value, this is that movie.
August 22, 2006
Unfortunately for Accepted, the movie's make-the-grade spunkiness as a collegiate cut-up has been emphatically Denied.
August 21, 2006
Even the characters in the movie are saying at the beginning, 'This is crazy. This will never work.' And I'm like, you know what? You're right. It never will. Not for one second. Even in a whacky comedy like this.
August 20, 2006
One could argue that you shouldn't expect a teen comedy to offer a nuanced depiction of the role of education in public life, but in response I'd refer you to Election and Clueless.
August 19, 2006
There's really no reason this film should have been made. None whatsoever. It's not original, nothing above and beyond anything else that's come out on the same subject over and over again at least three times a year for a generation. It's not better than
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