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½ October 22, 2015
Put your hand up on the log. I won't ask again.

A local village that keeps to themselves and is fairly self sufficient is invaded by ruthless railroad outlaws that want to pave tracks through the land. The land owners are initially passive but when family and children get pushed around, the villagers may push back.

"You can all go now because we have nothing more to talk about."

Craig Baxley, director of Action Jackson, Dark Angel, Stone Cold, Twilight Man, Bad Day on the Block, Deep Red, Twisted Desire, and Sniper 2, delivers Aces 'N' Eights. The storyline for this picture is very mediocre but there are some good shootouts here and there. The acting is made for television average and the cast includes Casper Van Dien, William Atherton, Jeff Kober, Ernest Borgnine, and Bruce Boxleitner.

"You sure do promote a hell of a brawl."

This was recommended to me by Fios so I decided to DVR it. This was a below average western with little going for it. There were some good one liners here and there and the shootouts weren't horrible, but I wouldn't call this a worthwhile addition to the genre. I recommend skipping this.

"Are you going to listen to us or threaten us?"

Grade: D
½ May 7, 2011
Western sterotypes abound in this variant on the old standards. Can't find anything memorable - the american hero dies for his rights and values, the baddies win with firepower and the goody among them comes up with Win-Win-Win compromise which offers all hope for the Great American Dream to sequel. Pity the Heroine who weans The kid away from guns didn't change american attitudes more?
February 1, 2011
Decent cast but a hurried plot which makes you feel like you started watching half way through and never quite catch up with. Shakey camera work and hurried scenes. Not great.
November 23, 2009
This above-average but violent made-for-television western pits the villainous land-hungry railroad against the defenseless small-frye ranchers whose lands lay on the railroad route. ACTION JACKSON director Craig R. Baxley helms this exciting little horse opera with flair to spare and the momentum never lags during its concise 87 minutes. Baxley spent over 30 years performing stunts on movies like DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER as well as the NBC blockbuster hit THE A-TEAM so he has a knack for orchestrating interesting stunts. The photography by Yaron Levy of STREET WARRIOR constantly thrusts you into the thick of the gunfire and the camera work is nimble, lending the film a palatable sense of versimilitude. As the protagonist named Luke Rivers, Casper Van Dien is actually tolerable for a change and the beard gives him a lot of maturity. Late in the action, he puts on a poncho and vaguely resembles Clint Eastwood. The sturdy cast includes Bruce Boxleitner as a believable gunfighter named D.C. Cracker. D.C. has a hard time deciding which side of the fight he is going to be on when trouble comes calling. Ninety-one year old Ernest Borgnine of THE WILD BUNCH and VERA CRUZ plays one of the chief ranchers that the railroad has been harassing about his land. He does not scare easily and Luke and he become friends. SUGARLAND EXPRESS star William Atherton makes a slimy bad guy named Howard. Jeff Kobar as a killer named Tate is particularly vicious without a sympathetic bone in his wiicked body. He exudes evil. Of course, the devious Chicago-based railroad company doesn't want to pay a penny more for the land than necessary.

ACES N EIGHTS springs more surprises than you might imagine for its humble origins without violating any of the formula conventions of westerns. Make no mistake, this western is at times rather brutal. Jack Noseworthy of BREAKDOWN stands out as a member of the railroad who has come to negotiate a peaceful settlement between the railroad and the landowners. The gunfights are noisy but not bloody. The treacherous hired guns working for the railroad terrorize and murder land owners and their wives to scare them into selling out. One indication of a good movie is when the chief characters change and evolve during the trajectory of the narrative. The finale is a well-staged UNFORGIVEN gunfight between the heroes and the villains with a surprisingly conclusion.
½ February 22, 2009
OK, so I knew this movie was going to be rotten, after it all it was a "blockbuster exclusive release" which I guess means it was a movie that sucked to bad to actually be released into a theater, so it went straight to video. [i]

So, it was unbelievable that the star of this thing was Bruce Boxleitner, a heavy hitter I'll admit, I mean who could forget his Bobby Joe in "Sixpack Annie". A real gem........Or, his Lee Stetson in "The scarecrow and Mrs King" a true monument in television entertainment. Enough said, I'm sure Bruce is a great guy, but this movie is something you should show your grandparents as they are drifting off to sleep on the couch on a Tuesday night. Don't bother pausing this one when you have to use the head, you won't have missed much. Sorry Bruce, lookin forward to Tron the movie
January 10, 2009
A decent western. Not very original. Same old story of the railroad trying to take people's land, and those that choose to fight back. Characters could have been more flushed out, but overall this was enjoyable.
½ November 10, 2008
It gets a star for being a western. That's how bad it is.
September 7, 2008
Wasn't what I expected, but it was still a great movie
September 4, 2008
I enjoyed it in a long run, but the ending with the kid fucking up all the good things that were about to happen was unnecessary. Very unnecessary. There's always a kid ruining someone's chances at doing something right.
½ August 25, 2008
Not too bad but I won't watch it second time...
Super Reviewer
½ August 10, 2008
The director has a different visual style. Occasionally his tilted camera angles was distracting. the violent scenes of the railroad enforcers terrorizing the families were too many and went on too long. Connections/relations/conflicts between other characters could have been developed more and the script needed more work.
½ July 31, 2008
It it had a better script, better direction, better actors and wasn't so boring, this would be a great movie.
½ June 17, 2008
Hitmen and railroad expansion in Arizona just about sums up the premise for this movie. I last saw Bruce Boxleitner in the Babylon 5 tv series and the character he plays in Aces 'N Eights is of similar flavor. A guy with a dark history that hardly anyone knows about, has a hot woman to chase after, wants to do something right because he can, .. ahh well, this movie was watchable. If you can catch it online, that's probably better than renting or buying the dvd.
½ June 11, 2008
Watchable western about the standard railroad land battle. Some ok action scenes but overall pretty average.
½ June 9, 2008
A very well made TV western from ION. Reminds you of the classic westerns with the railroad trying to take everybody's land.
½ May 31, 2008
Nice to see Casper Van Dien act well for a change, but he's no Eastwood, even with the poncho. What isn't nice is that director Craig Baxley is not given the resources needed to really spice up his action sequences as he did with the Brian Bosworth classic Stone Cold. However, the film has a nice final shootout, but it's hard to take things too seriously when the bloodless squibs seem to emit newspaper from people's wounds. Bruce Boxleitner has a decent supporting role, but what's really surprising is that Ernest Borgnine (he's 91!) isn't just in the movie to give it western street cred. His role is actually quite poignant, and as he states in the interview on the DVD, westerns are few and far between these days. Aces 'N Eights is worth a peek, but is probably best appreciated by fans of the genre.
½ May 16, 2008
Great old fashioned western story about fighting over land for the railroad. The name has absolutley nothing to do with the film......Decent.
May 13, 2008
April 27, 2008
A western after a long time...Action is quite good however overall an average movie. Van Dien is wasted in this film.
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