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September 25, 2015
adding based on Joe Bob Briggs' recommendation
½ August 4, 2010
Have you ever wanted to act out a sexual fantasy? Well, in 1978, a small group of filmmakers asked a bunch of average joes this very same question, with one little hitch; the filmmakers would supply the cameras and the actors if the joes supplied the fantasies...and their own bodies.

Cue [i]Acting Out[/i], a semi-documentary that chronicles the burning of these fetishes and fantasies onto film. I'm sure the makers of Acting Out considered their pet project to be quite risque when it first hit the big screens in the less reputable and disturbingly stickier venues across the nation. Maybe it was risque. Still, I can't ignore how hopelessy dated it feels.

On the one hand, the documentary prides itself on its frank discussions about sex and its liberal use of nudity; I think two hours of Cinemax make this film seem like an episode of [i]Sesame Street[/i]. On the other hand, it lumps all sexual fantasies together as being equally cute, equally intriguing, and equally valid. Personally, I find it difficult to equate one man's desire to be the innocent boy-toy at a sorority pillow party with another man's obsession to rape and murder a virgin bride. Call me crazy, but...

Anyway, what results is a film that is too tame to be off-colored and too psychologically dated to be useful.
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