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October 1, 2017
It's an interesting look at ANS through a narcissist director's point-of-view. The director of the documentary is just as delusional as the subject he seeks to criticize.

Still, you really get a sense of how incredibly drugged out ANS was near the end of his life.
May 3, 2014
ADDICTED TO FAME is an odd documentary. It's very good at covering its topic, which is that films are hard to make for a number of reasons. It also convinced me that Anna Nicole Smith won't be missed. At least not for her acting. Nor her personality. She comes off as vacuous and self-absorbed and talentless. Anyway, if you want to learn a little bit about the movie industry and don't mind losing a bit of respect for humanity, ADDICTED TO FAME is your ticket.
December 11, 2012
Addicted to Fame is Outstanding! The perils of Anna Nicole Smith, very well portrayed by David Giancola!! Funny, Sad, Truthful and Very well done! Congratulations David!!!
December 11, 2012
I was privileged to watch this movie at the Burlington Film Festival. The movie was followed by a comprehensive Q&A with David Giancola and John James.

I have seen every movie that David Giancola has worked on (Directed and Produced).

Addicted to Fame is absolutely outstanding. A detailed "behind the scene" film that explained all of the highs and lows with working with Anna Nicole (RIP).

I would make the following recommendations...... watch Addicted to Fame AND watch Illegal Aliens. I would watch the Illegal Aliens first then this documentary. Watching these films will complete the story. I honestly was not pleased with Illegal Aliens however, watching the Addicted to Fame made everything come together in a neat package.

If you are a fan of Anna Nicole movies and reality shows this is an absolute MUST SEE.

If you are a fan of Chyna (or the World of Wrestling) this becomes a MUST SEE movie too.

Grab your favorite beverage, your favorite snack and your significant other and sit back for an eye opening story. Be prepared to laugh, cry and even mumble WTF as it is viewed. You will not be disappointed!

Great job Mr. David Giancola have the patients of a Saint!
½ December 11, 2012
"Addicted to Fame" nails that difficult balance of taking a sad event and putting it into perspective. Kudos to the filmmakers for an entertaining, yet inevitably sad behind the curtain look at the perils of celebrity.
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