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May 29, 2017
Ryan and Broderick and the soundtrack somehow manage to make a creepy as fuck premise (two exes set up across the street to stalk the people who dumped them, set up a camera and sound recording, commit credit card fraud, pickpocketing, assault, housebreaking - to touch their things, have sex in their house, and fuck with the new relationship by planting false evidence, even going so far as to *wear the damn false evidence before planting it* (actual quote: "authenticity!" ... ew.) - because they REALLYREALLYREALLY don't deal with rejection well) seem *almost* sweet. Except that you keep coming back to "... jesus, when you ignore the music and the 'quirkiness' of the characters, this is a fucking horrifying movie for the two completely unaware stalkees." No surprises, everybody is with the "right" person in the end, Meg Ryan cracks a REALLY weird boy/dog sex joke to really up the "this IS a quirky romcom and not a creepy horror show, right?" vibe, and somehow neither of the stalkers goes to prison.

AND YET I really enjoy watching this movie. I think it's because while Ryan and Broderick come across as reality-challenged possessive assholes, Tcheky Karyo is just a load of fun to watch. He starts off as just another asshole but watching him descend into poverty, misery and affliction until he's a weeping, sobbing wreck is - well, it just hits a weird combination of notes of both amusing and sympathy-arousing. I ended up really liking the guy by the end, despite what a complete asshole he was in the beginning (girlfriend stealing, oversharing sex story talking, weeeeeeeeird sexual fetish revolving around skulls...)

In short it's a very lighthearted and fun little watch, if you're willing to *completely* forego thinking about it. At all. Which hey, there's a billion summer blockbusters out there whose excuse for being terrible is "we're just mindless fun!", so I'm willing to let Addicted to Love use the same reasoning.
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January 29, 2017
Very slight even for a rom com, but I kind of like it. The revenge on the French chef is pretty harsh ( ugh to the cockroach scene).
I don't know if I can especially believe any of these four people as a couple, though. Matthew Broderick is kind of meh as a romantic lead, Meg Ryan is psychotic and a bit weird here (and not in a cute, quirky way either, although I think she's meant to be), the Frenchman is hammy and Kelly Preston does the vapid airhead role and can't really care about her.
I think this only works because it's an older movie now and you don't see a lot of this cast now in movies, so it's kind of a fun flashback. I can imagine it would have been panned on release.
½ November 4, 2015
That was a little pathetic, but I like watching that movie.
May 3, 2015
More than goes around the bend but nothings there.
½ February 19, 2015
Je comprend pourquoi on a jamais entendu parle de ce film-la... C'est lourd. J'ai rarement vu quelque chose d'aussi mauvais.
February 12, 2015
Une comédie romantique plutôt banale, mais tout de même agréable à regarder. On ne réinvente pas la roue, c'est souvent cliché, mais y'a des idées intéressantes qui font de la chose un moment bien correct.
December 25, 2014
Great cast in an enjoyable story.
½ June 18, 2014
El actor Griffin Dunne dirige este "chick-flick" de una manera tan descuidada que revela su falta de experiencia en el oficio. Actuaciones mediocres, situaciones aburridas... Toda una cinta sin carisma.
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½ June 7, 2014
It is funny. A little dark (spying on your ex), but funny.
May 18, 2014
A horrendous, unfunny comedy where stalking is supposed to be romantic?? These characters are disturbed, obsessed, and despicable in a train-wreck of a story. True love apparently means holing yourself up in an abandoned derelict building across the street from your ex to watch her every waking moment with her new beau and then hopping in bed with the first woman who is just as disturbed as you are.
January 6, 2014
Predictable yes. Fun for the romantics and even for tjose not fans of the romance genre? Yes.
½ December 26, 2013
12/26/2013: A fun and enjoyable movie with an excellent cast.
December 22, 2013
A Meg Ryan romantic comedy without Tom Hanks is just as entertaining IMHO. But in the subject of stalking involving Matthew Broderick was interesting to watch. Nice support cast with Kelly Preston and Maureen Stapleton.
November 15, 2013
The beginning of this movie I thought I was going to hate it but as it went on I just liked it more and more. Some of the parts are not that original and are predictable but overall it grew on me.
½ May 9, 2013
Meg Ryan makes it a little more interested than it is with her co star.
April 27, 2013
I watched this a few years ago but never saw the ending. Glad I decided to watch it again.
March 9, 2013
Wow, Meg Ryan made a lot of bad movies. This was one of them.
½ March 4, 2013
Obsession is the name of the game.'Addicted to love'is sharp,unconventional and clever witted. Meg ryan and Matthew Broderick our hopelessly devoted and broken hearted by there latest break-up. oddly enough there partners are together. And so the green eyed monster takes over Ryan/Broderick become a revengeful duel.pulling silly ways to break there past loves up.
December 15, 2012
Soo cute! Meg Ryan & Matthew Broderick are hilarious!
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