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February 24, 2017
Kim Ki-Duk films are never a bundle of rainbows, but this depressing even by his standards
½ January 28, 2013
A simple tale about Dog butchery, bullying, American imperialism and Korean bigotry.
September 28, 2012
whit this movie kim kidk was preparing for his future movies
½ June 17, 2012
Un dramma crudo, fatto di effimere speranze destinate a morire sul nascere, in cui ancora una volta al centro dell'universo narrativo sono la violenza, il sangue, il corpo. Il tutto inscritto nella cornice del fosco e sofferto rapporto con l'occupazione americana. Ho sofferto un po' la - chiaramente voluta e anch'essa simbolica - disgregazione narrativa che da un certo punto in poi priva la pellicola di una direzione anche vagamente riconoscibile o prevalente.
½ June 6, 2012
Ki-Duk Kim a bel et bien essayé de se lancer sur les traces de Park, qui venait tout juste alors de réaliser JSA, mais on réalise vite qu'il faut apprendre à se détacher de la comparaison si on veut apprécier Address Unknown puisque la qualité des oeuvres se veut vraiment différente.Le problème d'Address Unknown, c'est que le scénario est atrocement décousu. En quelques sortes, ça pourrait peut-être même devenir un avantage, puisque l'histoire n'en est que plus douloureuse à suivre. Toutefois, certains éléments restent incompris dans ma tête et je doute que Ki-Duk Kim ait accordé l'importance nécessaire à chaque petite histoire, quitte à ce qu'il dusse rallonger son film d'une demi-heure.Toutefois, je dois avouer que je m'étais habitué au Ki-Duk Kim sentimental axé sur l'essence de la nature et que de le voir orienté dans d'autres directions me fend un peu le coeur. C'est tout de même agréable de voir les compétences diverses des réalisateurs, mais ça gâche un peu ma vision de Ki-Duk Kim de le voir réaliser une oeuvre que je qualifierais d'un peu vantarde.Vivement que Mate s'achète d'autres classiques de Ki-Duk Kim, parce que j'ai encore la flèche de The Bow plantée dans une partie sensible de mon coeur.
½ November 21, 2011
Depressing movie about depressed people in depressing neighborhood in depressing times and a few depressingly awful American actors.
November 8, 2011
Director Kim Ki-Duk delivers again with a great storyline. Chang-guk is a dog butcher in this movie. If you have problems watching such material, then you should skip this movie.
½ May 28, 2011
A bit of a goofy movie here that supposedly explores the relationship of the Korean People to G.I.'s when the Korean War was going on, but it's all a bit too melodramatic, goofy and over the top to ever take seriously. A motley of Korean lower-class descripit people try to get by on what they have, one of them harvests dog meat, a kid is ostrancized because he's half Black, another has eye problems etc. It's somewhat interesting, maybe a tad overacted, but that all is forgiven when an actor billed as Mitch Mahlum screeches everything to a halt with his performance as a GI who falls in love with the girl with eye problems. He is just SO BAD. I can understand Asian directors maybe having difficulty with American actors because of the language barriers, but Mahlum just fails in all aspects, line delivery, mannerisms, and just EVERYTHING. Just horrible. But funny bad horrible. Yay!
December 6, 2010
Set around a United States military base in rural South Korea, Address Unknown lacks any concrete plot, instead telling the stories of several individuals whose lives are in some way influenced by the American military presence. While these stories occasionally intersect, watching Address Unknown is like watching several films at once; unfortunately, none of them are very good. If this film has a point, it seems to be that people are cruel; indeed, the entire film is a 117-minute showcase of cruelty, each character seeming to go to extraordinary lengths to present themselves as maliciously as possible: stabbing, beating, raping, cutting, shooting, strangling, etc.

I was reminded of Zhang Yimou's Ju Dou (1990) by Chang-guk's (Yang Dong-geun) plotline. Chang-guk's bitterness over his origins and his violent assailments directed toward his mother and others evoked Tianbai. Despite positive reviews, however, I didn't like Ju Dou either. Like Ju Dou, I failed to see any entertainment value in Address Unknown, and a film without entertainment value is a film without value. Even the acting is questionable when it comes to the numerous Americans in this film, none of whom could act if their lives depended on it, including the American soldier (Mitch Malem) who takes an interest in Eunok (Ban Min-jeong), but it wouldn't be the last time Korean cinema would employ untalented Western "actors" (e.g., Please Teach Me English [2003], Welcome to Dongmakgol [2005], and The Host [2006]). I sometimes wonder if they just grab South Korea expatriates off the street for some of these Western roles.

Address Unknown, though bad, still beats some of the other stuff I've watched of late, including Breath (2007), but it's absolutely not the Kim Ki-duk masterpiece I've been looking for ever since The Isle (2000) blew me away. If you want a film that will make you feel absolutely miserable, however, there's no safer bet than Address Unknown.
November 7, 2010
Kim Ki-duk's sad and violent film has good moments but this is one hell of an exercise.
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½ September 13, 2010
I like Kim Ki-Duk films... 3-Iron, Spring Summer Autumn Winter, Bi-Mong - they meander along but I'm always happy to follow. This is one of his depressing films, where dislikable people do dislikable things to each other, themselves and, in this case, dogs. All the main characters have some kind of major breakdown by the end and you'd be hard pushed to find any kind of redemptive message anywhere but if that doesn't bother you then give it a go.
½ September 10, 2010
immediately confronting as usual with KKD but is completely engaging. It doesnt quite come together as some of his latest efforts do, kind of like Kurosawa's Dodesukaden
August 24, 2010
the film is basically an "everyday" drama of south-korean life, but a big political allegory about US-korean relationship in general. a must watch for anyone interested in kim ki-duk's works.
August 24, 2010
Titolo italiano: Indirizzo sconosciuto
August 24, 2010
One of Kim Ki Duk darkest movies. A portrait of the lives of Koreans during the cold war. The hopes, the love, the tragedy all together beset each other.
August 24, 2010
Muy bella y, a la vez triste y brutal. Una muy buena muestra de cine asiatico.
½ August 24, 2010
It's a amazing film. If people understand relationship between South Korea and America and also North and South Korea war, people can get touched more.
August 24, 2010
This one is probably for Kim Ki-Duk completists only. It is a remarkable film in its relentless presentation of pain. Every single scene in this 2 hour film involves pain, emotional or physical.
August 24, 2010
A film that could awaken blindly pro-American Koreans, who only know of and care about Gap, Guess, and Starbucks. Truly educational. A must-see for all Koreans.
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