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½ July 13, 2016
The Adjustment Bureau is a very problematic movie. It is admittedly very original in its mix of science fiction and romance genres, the themes are interesting and the characters are solid. But whereas it thoroughly succeeds as a romance as the chemistry between its leads is palpable and their scenes are sweet, it doesn't succeed as a sci-fi movie because its themes aren't properly explored and the movie is so odd tonally as it never decides what it wants to be - serious and dangerous or comedic and light.
July 11, 2016
Enjoyed it, liked the story, liked the acting.
½ June 10, 2016
Though it doesn't exactly explain itself entirely (more room for fan theories), Damon and Blunt have amazing chemistry and make this underrated sci fi thriller worth watching.
June 9, 2016
Before watching, I didn't know what this movie was about all. Therefore, the whole idea of the Adjustment Bureau makes this movie different and attention gripping. I love the originality of the plot and enjoyed every moment of the film.
½ June 6, 2016
The movie has multiple tones, but the movies succeeds with the chemistry between the two leads.
½ May 29, 2016
When I watched the Adjustment Bureau I had no idea what to expect but what I got was a brilliantly original, different film that raised some sad and thought provoking questions about life and the human race. The score was great and Matt Damon and Emily Blunt's chemistry grew as the film progressed. Nolfi didn't take the easy way out either he chose a bold ending that also brought the story [almost] full circle.
½ May 23, 2016
great fictional movie
May 21, 2016
This was down as initially not interested. I hated the look of the cover. Eventually I watched the film and now it's one of my fav films and I'm constantly looking for films if you have any suggestions send them my way.
April 14, 2016
Interesting just not good enough
½ April 12, 2016
The Adjustment Bureau had an intriguing plot backed by a strong cast but it fails to live up to the expectation. Leaving out the shaky parts, TAB goes on to deliver a promising storyline but only too far. It seemed like the director/writer was reluctant to take risks and push the story to a more interesting proposition. The climax leaves much to be desired and the supposed alternate ending that I read about on Wikipedia could've been a better choice. Overall, a decent rendition of a Phillip K Dick short story for the SciFi fans.
½ April 9, 2016
Not what I expected, and to have my expectations turned on their head like that is refreshing. Weird, original fantasysciencefictionromancey-ish story? Really interesting.
March 19, 2016
Reminds me of the Watchers from Fringe
½ March 12, 2016
Very strong performances, good characters, and although a bit scattered, and hard to comprehend, it is an interesting premise, and provides a welcome change to the usual franchises and sequels.
Super Reviewer
March 9, 2016
A very different movie that makes you wonder about this thing called fate a little bit more, Obviously it's quite preposterous but the idea is pretty fresh and original, With good chemistry between it's two staring roles this film hits most spots, Maybe drags in places where it had chance to create more tension it didn't take advantage and the problem with these smart thinking films the ending feels rushed and forced and this was no different, Deserved more recognition as it's new ideas end up a nice change from the usual films we have today.
½ March 1, 2016
Up-and-coming New York politician David Norris (Matt Damon) has both potential and the ambition. The youngest ever candidate running for a state senate seat, David believes greatly in focus groups, the dance of politics, a keen sense of decency and in his ten percent voter lead.

However, the tabloid media are determined to find dirt and throw his otherwise successful campaign off track. On election night before delivering his highly constructed concession speech, David gets alone time in the gents bathroom where he attempts to regain his composure over his annihilation in the latest poles and come to grips with the campaign loss.

Burst in Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt). Unable to keep her silence hidden in one of the stalls, Elise an outspoken, free-spirited and beautiful contemporary dancer introduces herself. The connection is instant, undeniable and sealed with a kiss.

Pulled away form his impulsive tryst by his campaign adviser but inspired by Elise's candid attitude, David throws months of prepared coddled caution to the wind and delivers the off-the-cuff impromptu speech of his career, setting himself in good stead for candidacy next time round.

Putting politics aside for the three years till the following state election, David rejoins the rat race in a monotone holding pattern. Until a mistake is made, and by chance he catches a bus he was meant to miss and stumbles back upon Elise. The connection still strong, the two share witty banter, David gets her number and they part company on the brink of a developing relationship.

However, when David arrives at work early (due to the early bus catching fluke) not all is as it seems. His entire office is frozen in time and a group of mysterious men wearing suits a 1950's style fedora and are the only ones moving, seemingly erasing the time and memories of his coworkers.

Panicked, David begins to run, however the unusual men keep opening doors like portals that seem to lead to peculiarly impossible places and stopping David at each turn. Realising that David will never let it go, the adjustment bureau who monitor the balance between chance and fate in the human world reveal their existence and the importance of their secrecy.

A jolt to his system, David is told by the 'adjusters' that the meeting between him an Elise was orchestrated by the bureau to keep him on the right political track. But their overwhelming connection is too much and the adjusters; foreseeing the future in their tracking books (Harry Potter's Marauders map meets a crystal ball of changing fate options), know if they remain together neither will reach there potential.

Determined not to be kept apart by the bureau's whim, David desperately tries to find a way to prove their theories wrong. Tricking chance with repetition and with the help of a rouge adjuster 'angel', David tried to break the chain of pre-ordained events. Can he once again find Elise? Will she accept his bizarre explanations? Can he bet the adjusters at their own game? And can love trump over fate?

Adapted from another short story written by Philip K. Dick; who inspired Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall; this carefully constructed sophisticated blockbuster and its philosophical theme is basically inception for romantics.

Meandering between its universally recognisable romantic fare of love lost, love found, free will and fate and the brain-tweaking moments of thrilling paranoia, this movie lacks the punch and magic of either genre. The "behind the curtain" theme similar to that of The Matrix and The Truman Show relies too heavily on simplistic special effects not storyline or foundation.

Damon and Blunt both deliver their characters well sharing a pleasant on-screen chemistry where the flirtatious scenes feel warm and nicely improvised. Terence Stamp has a great screen presence as "the chairman's" (presumably gods) last resort head adjuster.

The Verdict: Distracted from the concept of the presence of overseers of happenstance, this movie deviates into a stock standard romance. Losing that burgeoning question of is fate punctuated by a higher power? This film is a little weak and highly predictable.

Published: The Queanbeyan Age
Date of Publication: 11/03/2011
½ February 22, 2016
The Adjustment Bureau isn't the most complex or impactful Philip K. Dick adaptation, but its unique concept and the chemistry between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt makes for a fun time at worst.
February 17, 2016
This movie was good but I thought it was a little too confusing but it's been a while since I have seen that movie
February 14, 2016
Pure, unadulterated crappola. A weak storyline. Only those with the feeblest understandings of foreordination and predestination, even it's retarded sibling fatalism, will find this film in any way compelling. It's hard to even describe the level of stupid that this film exudes.
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