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August 30, 2018
There are plot holes within plot holes within plot holes, and although acres of raw exposition are provided, nothing ever makes proper sense.
May 22, 2018
The tension between "Dickian paranoia" and "romance candy" begins to pull the threads of the film apart.
September 8, 2017
It was a decent concept (at best) that was not supported with a good screenplay, and grew sillier by the minute. It just didn't work.
June 29, 2017
The Adjustment Bureau film and premise, if considered through the lens of theology, or any perspective, needs a major course correction. The movie is about a lot more than free will.
May 12, 2015
These two crazy, impetuous kids clearly belong together. Too bad the science-fiction plot says otherwise.
June 30, 2013
Although this drama offers up some interesting ideas about free will and faith, the story isn't smart enough to focus on these topics in an intelligent way.
July 26, 2011
Eventually the whole thing feels a little too silly to be able to take any of its inherent concerns meaningfully.
June 28, 2011
The Bureau's dictat is certainly a blow to the notion, held by a few lunatics, that there's nothing more important in life than being happy. Apparently it's more important to be ambitious and attain some sort of status.
April 29, 2011
Philip K. Dick doesn't always work on screen
April 24, 2011
Focus on love story distracts from film's concept
April 22, 2011
The film's chief interest isn't plumbing philosophical questions of fate, providence and autonomy but, instead, wallowing in skimpy fairy-tale romanticism.
April 4, 2011
While it sets itself up marvelously, The Adjustment Bureau in the end simply fails on the follow-through and while the end result is a near-miss, it is nevertheless a miss.
April 4, 2011
As artistic endeavour this gives free will a bad name.
April 4, 2011
You've seen this sort of thing before, all the way back to It's A Wonderful Life, even if its fake-serious energy and matte finish will temporarily and entertainingly trick you into thinking otherwise.
March 22, 2011
All of the shine is pointless with a weak story. By the time we reached the second act, 'The Adjustment Bureau' became 'Sex and the City' meets The 'Butterfly Effect.'
March 10, 2011
Philip K. Dick's story The Adjustment Team was published in 1954. But the movie The Adjustment Bureau only trades on Dick's name. All else is shoved aside by George Nolfi, who directed and wrote the screenplay.
March 9, 2011
Once again, after the obnoxious The Informant and insufferable Hereafter, Matt Damon uses movies to explain the world to audiences who just want to be entertained.
March 7, 2011
This is the trouble with "The Adjustment Bureau." It reminds you of lots of other movies that are better than "The Adjustment Bureau."
March 7, 2011
An amped-up love-conquers-all fantasy, one replete with a dash to a church, a last minute declaration of love, and a cop-out conclusion that renders the preceding action pretty much irrelevant.
March 6, 2011
Extentialist questions about predestination and free will permeate this plodding sci-fi thriller about celestial messengers intervening on mortals' search for soul mates.
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