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August 14, 2019
Despite the formulaic structure-every character is a type, paired off with his or her textbook opposite-there's a whiff of inside-baseball realism to the its detailed portrait of the university admissions process...
February 20, 2019
Admission has some funny moments and it has some poignant moments. Unfortunately, the film never seems quite able to determine what its focus should be. This results in a movie that never quite clicks.
August 22, 2018
It pains me to lay this problem at the feet of the leads, of whom I am, independently, quite fond. They are both likeable, and I'll even grant them some chemistry, but their characters' situations become too serious for the performances they deliver.
September 5, 2017
Portia is in many ways a typical [Tina] Fey character but the unfunny and clichd script too often reminds us this is no 30 Rock.
March 8, 2017
Because all these narrative threads are presented with equal emphasis, no single one feels fully developed. And Fey and Rudd's screen time together is rushed; audiences don't get the chance to become invested in their characters.
November 11, 2016
Admission fizzles out to an almost aggressive extent and finally does conclude on as anticlimactic a note as one could envision...
April 28, 2015
Photographed in fifty shades of beige, Admission is the blandest film I've seen in months.
January 3, 2014
At the heart of the problem with this movie are matters of logic and cogency.
July 16, 2013
What's a romantic comedy to do when it is neither romantic nor comedic? When that film is Admission, it plunges forward drunkenly, hoping to overcome its inadequacies with goodwill created by the cast.
July 12, 2013
Overstays its welcome before petering out unremarkably.
June 17, 2013
Princeton must have thought this film could help its reputation. It's more likely to increase applications to Yale, Harvard and MIT.
June 17, 2013
Given two options, Admission routinely takes the less interesting of the two, and wastes a great deal of on-screen talent in the process.
June 14, 2013
Have you ever wondered how the admission procedure functions in Ivy League universities? No, me neither.
June 14, 2013
There are chuckles and moving moments, just not enough of them.
June 14, 2013
Intermittently sharp but often dully over-extended.
June 13, 2013
Romantic and family complications ensue but nothing especially memorable or purposeful. Or funny.
June 13, 2013
It is ... perilously short on laughs, and the few that do come are generated by Lily Tomlin as the heroine's ferociously feminist mother.
June 13, 2013
Admission wants to win a place in our hearts, but after 108 minutes of relatively hard labour the majority of viewers probably won't let it in.
June 13, 2013
The comic material really isn't there, and the plot transitions feel forced and uncomfortable ...
June 13, 2013
The movie subverts expectations, and not in a good way, by seeming in a dither about its own identity.
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