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October 25, 2017
Can't wait for it to be over.
May 15, 2015
Man, this was fun!!!
October 7, 2014
another supermarket DVD 2.99 DVD combo pack purchase
½ February 10, 2013
Adrenlin: Fear The Rush is one of the worst action films I've ever seen. Though relatively short, the film is horribly boring and consists mainly of the characters running around screaming and shooting walls and doors because apparently cops in the future have terrible aim at all times. Despite having a plot with some vaguely interesting ideas, the film never expands on these ideas and instead becomes a really bad chase film in which nothing interesting ever happens. This doesn't work as a thriller, a sci-fi film, an action film, or even a guilty pleasure. It just sucks horribly and you should avoid it.
August 15, 2012
Adrenalin? There was hardly any jolt.
July 15, 2012

The location/sets combined with stylish camrea work and sweet lighting, make for a thrilling ride. This is a take no prisoner flick. Lambert takes one hell of a knarly beating. If you like this one, check out Pyun's CYBORG.
½ June 16, 2011
One of the scariest movies I have ever seen. This low budget gem makes me wonder if anything is lurking in my basement. 2 thumbs up
May 6, 2010
It's bad but the whole monsters-lurking-in-the-shadows feel is decent.
November 7, 2009
This movie is actually so bad that it is awesome. My friends and I were thinking that once the initial chase scene was over, maybe they could develop the plot or something. Guess what: the chase is the whole movie. That takes balls.
April 12, 2009
So this is a pretty big waste of time. There is no story to speak of, the action is drab. The movie gets a plus for:
A.) The bad guy looking like Devin Townsend
B.) Christopher Lambert's hair

Other than that the movie is a must miss.
½ March 20, 2009
Superb action/thriller. It sets a breakneck pace from the start and delivers right through to the end without letting up. The background is a little flimsy, but works. Henstridge and even Lambert are perfect. This truly keeps you on the edge of your seat and had the potential to fit any number of backgrounds. You keep waiting for the disappointing slow moment but it never comes. Underrated and classic action B-Movie.
½ January 15, 2009
I have no idea where the budget went for this film. It's absoultely horrible with "fantastic" acting by Natasha Henstridge and Christopher Lambert.
August 19, 2008
not bad have seen better
½ May 12, 2008
Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).

First viewing: 18.03.1998
April 1, 2008
Zero. Christopher Lambert is the worst actor in the history of the world to get steady work and I WILL stand by that statement until I die. This movie is absolutely deplorable. There isn't a shred of hope that it could be even remotely entertaining. Fuck the Sci-Fi channel.
March 31, 2008
Tight little movie about science experiment gone wrong.
½ January 1, 2008
Watching this "film" made me wish the DVD box just had a big smashed turd inside of it instead of an actual disc. I think that would have actually made this thing better.

The plot is literally non-existent. It just doesn't exist. The movie starts, takes place, and ends in one single tunnel-dungeon. There's an alleged "monster" that just looks like a dude with no shirt. He allegedly will end humanity because the Soviet Union made malaria contagious. That's all I could draw in the way of a "plot."

Christopher Lambert makes an appearance (his character doesn't have a name I don't think), rolls around, gets shot 13 times, and that's it. And there's one part where he just grunts for 8 minutes. I'm not joking. Except he didn't record 8 minutes worth of grunts, just about 30 seconds which they put on a loop while he was climbing a rope gym-class style. It was unbelievable.

This is up there with "Beowulf" and "Fortress 2: Re-Entry" for worst Lambert movie, and by extension, worst movie ever made.
December 6, 2007
Not a good movie, but the cinematography is AMAZING, as is the lighting. WOW.
December 1, 2007
I always liked movies with people fighting something in the future, but this is just torture. Very slow, very boring and not really all that fun.
½ November 2, 2007
holy god, terrible. I almost feel like a heretic considering it's a Lambert flick, but awful.
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