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An unlikely couple meet, fall in love, and get rich in this comedy from Japan -- though not in that order. A student named Suzuki (Masanobu Ando) makes the mistake of hitting a limousine while driving one day. The limo turns out to be carrying a powerful Japanese gangster; his henchmen take Suzuki back to the mobster's hideout, when the building is suddenly destroyed by a faulty gas main. A nurse (Hikari Ishida) who happens to be in the neighborhood runs over to offer her help, and before either is quite sure what's happened, Suzuki and the nurse are fleeing with 170 million yen in hand and a motley collection of criminals on their trail.


Masanobu Ando
as Satoru Suzuki
Hikari Ishida
as Shizuko Sato
Yu Tokui
as Chinpira
Kazue Matsugae
as Head Nurse
Jovi Jova
as Chinpira (Yakuza)
as Yamada
Kazue Tsunogae
as Head Nurse
Taro Suwa
as Shimada
Mithu Yamamoto
as Shimoda Cop
Youji Tanaka
as Bus Driver
Yuka Tanimura
as Convenience Shopper
as New Face A
Teturo Orisaka
as Policeman A
Kimiyoshi Adachi
as Policeman B
Kanta Ogata
as Policeman C
Tatuo Kawakami
as Policeman D
Aturou Isoi
as Policeman E
Kiyoshi Mizokami
as Policeman F
Toshimasa Miyamura
as Policeman G
Takuya Miyamura
as Policeman H
Yuko Kameda
as Police Woman
Sumiji Miyake (II)
as Chief Policeman
Jirou Shindo
as Nakayama Cop
Masatoshi Yokomizo
as Photographer
Mituru Shiratori
as Ramen Shop, Master
Eiko Kawaguchi
as Ramen Shop, Master's Wife
Hidemasa Namoto
as New Face A
Tuneo Taguchi
as Hotelman
Jyunko Nagata
as Jewelry Shopper
Toshiyuki Koike
as News Caster
Akemi Kikuchi
as Nurse Dorm Adviser
Toshi Gotou
as Doctor A
Kumi Ito
as Nurse A
Yuuji Kotuka
as Policeman I
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Critic Reviews for Adrenaline Drive

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Stirs up about as much adrenaline as a good nap.

Full Review… | March 1, 2007
Film Journal International

The film's humor arises mostly out of the flouting of Japanese social codes which admittedly don't necessarily translate to belly laughs for American audiences. Some of the supporting roles are played broadly and the seemingly indomitable bad guy is one o

Full Review… | January 11, 2007
Murphy's Movie Reviews

A notable, tongue-in-cheek mélange of American action-film clichés, despite containing a baffling lack of most American action-film clichés.

May 30, 2003
Planet Sick-Boy

It plays as a gentle spoof on yakuza films...

Full Review… | November 13, 2002
Ozus' World Movie Reviews because it's rather low-key...

August 23, 2002
Combustible Celluloid

A merry little romp through the world of gangsters, blood money and romance.

Full Review… | January 1, 2000

Audience Reviews for Adrenaline Drive

This Japanese romantic comedy is an enjoyable movie to watch. It was apparently made as a satire of 'girl's romances' popular in Japan but that aspect was lost on me. For me it was just a crime comedy and a pretty good one. "Adrenaline" in the title seems to imply a faster action pace than this film moves at, but that somewhat slower pace gives plenty of time to get to know and like (even to like the "bad guys") the characters. Very well written and well acted, it isn't any great story but it was fun to watch. I would recommend it as good, fun viewing.

David Duncan
David Duncan

More like Melatonin Drive. The description of this move is more action packed than the movie itself. I reached the point where there was a 1/2 hour left and turned it off- those last 30 minutes could be the best it has to offer but there is no point sitting through 90 of stereotypical teenage love hell to get to it. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I was under the impression that parodies were supposed to be FUNNY. Rather than having action or an interesting romantic storyline, we get two random people and a bag of yakuza money thrown together for the sake of the story, who happen to fall in love and still bicker at each other, and a wounded yakuza with a group of teenage putzes at his disposal trying to hunt down the couple. And even that hunt lasted all of 5 minutes before they gave up and went on a bonfire camping trip. Save your time and do not get suckered in by the plot description or title: this movie is neither funny or entertaining.

bastet 05
bastet 05

Maybe this was a parody in 1999 but nowadays the plot just seems too tired. Person X somehow ends up with Mob/Mafia/Triad/Yakuza money, goes on spending spree while being pursued by said criminal organization, only to have it all work out in the end. I don't know why the description says "parody" and "slapstick" which makes me think along the lines of Stephen Chow, very few funny scenes in this entire movie in my opinion. Basically to sum it up, I had too high of expectations based on the synopsis and was severely dissappointed!

Zachary Long
Zachary Long

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