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April 29, 2011
only half-viewed. nothing spectacular. only even considered watching cause of Evans... he's good, but story is quite a bore.
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½ February 10, 2010
Terrific saucy British 70s of the better of a long line of Adventures Of... & Confessions Of... films.
They are silly, irreverent & just plain-right fun!!
Always full of the stars of the age, this one in particular has a stellar cast.
I simply MELT for Barry Evans (SUCH a tragic ending to his life...still makes me sad to think of).
Anyway, see it, don't expect too much, &, above all, have fun!!!
March 15, 2009
the only saving grace of this sub standard confessions TYPE film, is the sexy judy geeson/liz frazer.apart from that, this is the worst of the 3 ADVENTURES OF A films
January 11, 2009
I hate PC Britian - it's aload of bollocks. We've all become a bunch of fairies afraid to say what we think. That's why i like retreating in the privacy of my bedroom to the sexist comedy films of the 70's and '80s - it really is like a different world. As none of Mary Millington's films are represented on here at all (Even though 'Come Play With Me' was the longest running British film EVER!) i have settled for this film instead in my top movies. Barry 'Mind Your Language' Evans stars as sexist London cabbie Joe North, always on the look out for a bit of crumpet. Nice supporting roles from Diana Dors, Robert Lyndsey (n his feature debut) and even a blink and you'll miss him cameo from Pete Walker. This won't mean much to most of you uneducated lot out there, but that's to be expected. Also a nice strip number from Anna Bergman (daughter of Ingmar). Phwoar!
June 23, 2008
What is to be said in the favour of Adventures of a Taxi Driver? Very little, it's sad to say. The film gives new meaning to the term second hand: it's a rip-off of the Robin Askwith Confessions series of sex comedies, which themselves were already sub-Carry On crossed with continental saucy fare. Taxi Driver also mixes in elements of Alfie (the direct to camera narration of the Lothario protagonist), On the Buses (the bickering family arguments) and British B movies of the early 60s involving petty crime. This wholesale appropriation of other people's ideas might be acceptable if they were used here with any skill or aplomb; as it is, the film is tedious, plot less, poorly directed and almost aggressively unfunny. It's attitude to women is dismissive and offensive, and even the usually charming Barry Evans - who made the infantile and racist sitcom Mind Your Language palatable - is heavy handed and dislikeable here.

The few pluses include good comic turns from Adrienne Posta and Diana Dors, a winsome performance from Marc Harrison as Evans' thieving brother and the chance to see, briefly, Stephan Lewis doing Blakey as a strip-show doorman. There's also some intriguing footage of mid-70s Soho which might be of value to social historians.

I suppose that the film does capture a certain mood of cultural desperation which clearly reigned in the UK at the time. Evans' sexual shennanigans seem like the last resort of a man with nothing else to do; the sexual revolution has failed to make life interesting, as people are just as boorish and neurotic and dumb as they ever were. Whether this is a real reflection of the times or merely the projection of the filmmakers' own limited intelligence and wit is a matter of conjecture, although the huge box office success of the film suggests that it did offer the film-going population something they could respond to.

Although the film is about sexual adventures, the sex scenes themselves are as sexy as bromide, with not a single moment of chemistry between Evans (who was gay in reality) and the various women he disrobes.
June 22, 2008
More leering and less madcap than a Confessions film. A couple of nice cameos brighten things up considerably. Charming from an anthropologist's point of view, I should imagine, or even for anyone who goes in for 70s interior design.
May 26, 2008
a rweal good and funny film
½ May 2, 2008
Well "70's British sleaze" sums this up quite nicely, This is basically a Carry On film made akin to soft core porn. Plenty of terrible jokes to laugh and cringe at, this is so bad it's good. Anyone who likes the TV series Are You Being Served? would probably enjoy this.
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