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The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland Quotes

  • Humongous Chicken: I'm not stupid kid!
    Elmo: Elmo don't think you're stupid.

  • Huxley: You know, I would really love to stay and chat, but I have to get home to take a nap with my brand new wooby.

  • Bug: Sir! Yes sir!

  • Bug: He hugged me.

  • Bug: No.

  • Bug: [Turning on Huxley] You're a greedy selfish villain, and nobody likes to be friends with a greedy selfish villain. Hmph.

  • Bug: You better believe it!

  • Bug: It's true! Love is a many "splintered" thing!
    Bug: It's true! Love is a many 'splintered' thing!

  • Bug: Yeah!

  • Bug: Ohhh!

  • Bug: You're the boss.

  • Huxley: Anything about me in the paper?
    Bug: Check Page 6.
    Huxley: What's it say? You know I can't read.
    Bug: It says you're a greedy, no-good... [Huxley glares at him; Bug gets startled] I mean a lovely man! Ha ha ha.
    Huxley: Thank you, Bug.

  • Bug: Mornin' boss.
    Huxley: Mornin' Bug.

  • Cookie Monster: Cookie!

  • Huxley: HA!

  • Huxley: WHOO!

  • Huxley: Come on, Bug! WHOO!

  • Huxley: Bug, give me that lollipop. That's mine!

  • Huxley: Oh! I love that!

  • Huxley: Thank you, Bug.

  • Huxley: Ha ha!

  • Huxley: Don't let him escape with my wooby!

  • Elmo: Elmo wants his blanket back! NOW!!

  • Elmo: That's it!

  • Huxley: [Laughing evilly] Ah hahahahahahahaha!

  • Huxley: It belongs to me.

  • Huxley: What do you think you're doin'?

  • Huxley: [Repeated line] GET BACK TO WORK!

  • Huxley: I'm walking!

  • Huxley: I don't believe this. He's still coming?

  • Elmo: [Repeated line] Blanket!

  • Ruthie: Oh, this is so delicate.

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