The Adventures of Ford Fairlane Reviews

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April 25, 2020
...a misguided star vehicle that's aged horribly in the years since its 1990 release.
May 7, 2015
Isn't for every taste, but those tuned into Clay's goofy personality are rewarded with a hilarious performance that finds the comedian at his most confidant and playfully mischievous.
September 7, 2011
July 16, 2010
It's harmless fun with a breezy '80s ambiance -- a neon playground with a cross-eyed soundtrack, smoky widescreen cinematography, and a cool snapshot of Dice when he was king of the world.
March 26, 2009
Surprisingly funny and expectedly rude, this first starring vehicle by vilified standup comic Andrew Dice Clay has a decidedly lowbrow humor that is a sort of modern equivalent of that of the Three Stooges.
March 19, 2007
It's bad, it's been forgotten, and we can all move on with nary a second thought.
May 6, 2006
February 9, 2006
This expensively empty action comedy is as much fun as a car crash.
October 9, 2005
As vulgar and obnoxious as its star. One of the very worst films of 1990.
July 26, 2005
June 30, 2005
February 13, 2005
Possibly genius.
October 19, 2004
Pretty bad, but Dice Clay's best effort.
August 30, 2004
The person most likely to be entertained by ''The Adventures of Ford Fairlane'' need not be made aware of the film's existence. He's already on the screen.
February 8, 2004
August 22, 2003
July 30, 2003
June 6, 2003
March 19, 2003
Look at the star. Look at the director. See something else.
March 19, 2003
Gets stale after a while, but Dice was still pretty funny.
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