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Adventures of Young Indiana Jones - Volume 1 Reviews

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July 1, 2010
A brilliant prequel to the films and is great fun. There never seems to be a basic plot but a line to where the story goes in every episode. Lloyd Owen is a brilliant Henry Jones and when I closed my eyes I could hear Sean Connery. Anna Jones and Miss Ellen Seymour are both brilliant characters and they help the viewer see where Indiana came from. The acting is brilliant and especially for Corey Carrier playing pre-teen Indy. I would have prefered if he had more adventures and even a conclusion to him traveling the world with his parents and I would have especially loved an episode where we last see Miss Seymour and Anna Jones before their deaths.
The series gets better as it goes along but drags a bit in some episodes. I can feel the adult Indy spirit in the later episodes and can really feel that Indiana "Junior" Jones is a great character to have a prequel TV-series for and I only wished it had been more successful and wasn't cancelled. There were so many great ideas for this series that never got round to being written or filmed, just like the James Bond film series. There were so many plans but they couldn't happen because of either copyright or money.
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones/Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is a terrific series and if I could I would get it renewed with more stories of child Indy and characters like Marian Ravenwood and her father appearing as well.
If the Untitled Live-Action Star Wars TV Series is as good as this then I will be very pleased, but personally even though barely anytihng is known about the Star Wars TV Show, Young Indy will always be better
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