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½ September 2, 2009
Director Nicole Garcia's powerful take on the life that never was. Based on real events, L'Adversaire charts the life of Jean Claude Romand who lied to his family, friends and anybody who came into contact with him for more than 15 years. When the deceits caught up with Romand, he was faced with an impossible decision. It is safe to say that he opted for the wrong choice.

Romand (in the film Jean-Claude's surname has been changed to Faure) is beautifully portrayed by French star Daniel Auteuil, one of the best French actors around at the moment. Auteuil goes straight at the jugular without the viewer realising it until it is too late. Much like the man his role is based on. The pressure on Faure/Romand builds in a depressive and unavoidable way and director Garcia manages to, somehow, get the audience to side with the cold-hearted villain. Just like Emmanuel Carrére did in the novel based on Romand's life.

A truly gripping movie for anybody looking for something different, something raw and something moving. It is only long after having seen the flick that you realise that you never really see any blood. Another feather in Garcia's cap. recommended viewing.
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