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Une liaison pornographique (An Affair of Love) (A Pornographic Affair) Reviews

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April 21, 2014
There were things I liked about this film. One of its messages was that you can't have "just sex." Human emotions always get in the way. liked that message. However, the ending shows that even so-called intelligent people can misread another person's signals, and this case that is fatal for the lovers involved.
July 30, 2013
I LOVE this movie so much! It's so cute and sweet and touching. I love how you never get to see what's going on behind the hotel doors,it's like a mystery and you have to use your own imagination to know the sexual activity that's going on. Beautiful and stunning movie! The ending was sooo sad though but,altogether,this was an amazing movie! :)
April 27, 2013
Um casal se conhece por meio de um anúncio, encontra-se em um café e vai para um hotel. Eles passam a se encontrar toda semana, até que descobrem que começam a se apaixonar um pelo outro.
January 18, 2013
Beautiful story about sex and love but how sad...A young couple who met on the Minitel (the former Internet) meets in a hotel to realise their phantasm Then, love arises. They regularly make love but...things aren't easy. I love Sergi Lopez!!!!
May 15, 2012
It was over, was it ?

P.S. Its not a porn, not even erotica.
May 14, 2012
An afair of luv
Crazy stujpid love
May 5, 2012
Fuckin shit cum all over the bewbs
October 13, 2011
I loved this movie, but the ending is sad. Sergi is fantastic!!!
½ July 4, 2011
A rather shocking title for such a prissy film. Nice performances from both lead actors.
May 1, 2011
"Minha tristeza pertence àquela
parte da melancolia onde o ser
amado se mantém abstrato. É
uma perda dupla: eu não posso
investir em minha tristeza como
eu podia enquanto sofria por
estar apaixonado. Naqueles
tempos eu desejava, sonhava,
lutava; o benefício estava diante
de mim, somente com alguns
obstáculos. Agora não há mais
resonância, tudo é calmo, e isto é
pior. Embora justificável por
uma economia - a imagem morre
para que eu possa viver - o
velório amoroso sempre tem
uma coisa que sobra: uma
expressão está sempre
resurgindo: Que pena!" Roland
Barthes - O Discurso do
April 17, 2011
si bien la historia es comun (dos amantes que con el tiempo descubren que existen sentimientos inocultables), la intensidad con la cual se plantea la historia la convierte en un relato unico.
me atrajo mucho que los protagonistas sean de más de 40/50 años, es interesante ver que a pesar de la madurez de la vida que implica esa edad, se muestre que la soledad existe en todo momento y que aun asi se hace cualquier cosa en pos de combatirla.
actuaciones impecables.
February 1, 2011
''even it was special, even if people don't understand, even if they find it sick,even it it was purely sexual at first,that's what it was all the same, an act of love "

Don't misunderstand this movie from the name..its really very intriguing, u could be misled easily.. a very sensual and human portrayal of two individuals looking for sex and falling in love instead...the explanations of every singe act between them is so perfectly executed ..its a real classic what is always a ''classic'' !!..loved every moment of this movie....
½ January 20, 2011
who said love cant be perverse!?!
The French prove it in their inimitable fashion.....AGAIN!!!
December 4, 2010
J'adore le film !!! emouvant et real!
½ November 7, 2010
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½ October 16, 2010
Him: For a second you gave it all to me.

She meets him through an add for a "pornographic affair" to fulfill some unknown fantasy. At the end, it doesn't even matter. At the end, it's about love. But it's not that classic love story one would expect.

At first, I thought the dialogues and plot are common, but as the movie went on, I realized they were pretty good. The actors created their characters wonderfully, they had tics, they had moments, they were even annoying at times. I found Nathalie Baye especially good.
So yes, it's a good story, a good french film, with great acting and a bittersweet idea and ending - it's a movie but it's kind of like reality.
September 26, 2010
I loved this film.... I love porn!
May 16, 2010
its my passion i love it so much
May 1, 2010
pish posh. fell sort of flat at first. the false "interviewing" came off as cheesy, then really sad - seeing the things we say to impress others, or dress up the truth for ourselves even, and the things we do, and do not do, out of fear.
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