After Innocence Reviews

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June 15, 2006
Both sorrowful and uplifting.
May 12, 2006
A rough but engrossing sketch of what freedom feels like, and what it costs, for seven men who've endured that national nightmare.
April 7, 2006
The scope of the problem, with likely thousands of innocent people incarcerated thanks mostly to errant eyewitness testimony, should give pause to anyone who thinks that life is as simple as black and white, innocent and guilty.
March 9, 2006
You'll probably like it and wish it were better.
March 4, 2006
Despite its flaws After Innocence raises staggering questions about virtually every aspect of the criminal-justice system.
March 3, 2006
This is no-frills filmmaking and may be a little talky, but it's also very well-made, powerful stuff, and it should be seen by anyone who has questions about the American justice system.
March 3, 2006
[The] stories of injustice and perseverence [will] stick in the memory after watching this uncluttered and compelling film.
February 27, 2006
...terrific agitprop journalism/analysis...
February 11, 2006
Sanders has an important message, unfortunately diluted by unimaginative shooting and insufficient editing.
February 10, 2006
Not a special pleader but is fairly special, because Sanders gives it the pressure of straight moral conviction.
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