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November 10, 2015
An excellent view from the "other side" - a side that is often vilified, misunderstood and devalued.
September 20, 2015
You couldn't ask for a more controversial subject for a documentary. After Tiller focuses on the lives and practices of four abortion doctors. These are not just any practioners. All, if I got this correctly, worked with the murdered doctor George Tiller, and all specialize in late term abortions, often performed at the end of the second trimester or even early third.

The film clearly takes a sympathetic view toward their practices. The doctors are often threatened, intimidated, legally restricted, and forced to move, but all act with conviction that they are doing the right thing. Generally, they are working with patients whose fetuses have severe abnormalities which were only manifest late into the pregnancy. The director plays a little trick - at one point showing an interview between one of the doctors and a woman whose pregnancy clearly does not justify having waited so long before termination - only to reveal that in fact the woman is not there for an abortion.

Protesters are sometimes presented - not to lampoon or demonize them - but just to present them as facts of life - opponents that the doctors need to deal with in their daily lives.

While generally there is a sense to their practice, and why they do what they do, I did find a bit of cheating. One doctor is shown making the decision to turn down a patient who simply acted irresponsibly in waiting so long to terminate her pregnancy - but then later (I think) that same doctor says she is not here to second guess her patients and does seem to take on a late term case that need not have been so advanced.

It's good to see these people's personalities - even if you hate what they do, it is good to separate a demonized image from one that is fleshed out, which shows these doctors, clearly from a sympathetic point of view, as being both compassionate and forthright.
February 26, 2015
Never in a million years would I have thought that I would like this movie! But it made me stop & think about my opinions!
Super Reviewer
February 6, 2015
Despite the emotional nature of the subject matter, After Tiller provides us with a good bird's eye view of the life and motivations behind the four doctors in the U.S. who perform third trimester abortions. It is likely that each viewer will react differently depending on what they bring into the viewing experience but it is worthwhile regardless.
December 18, 2014
This is such an important film and needs to be seen by everyone.
November 28, 2014
Heavy. Real heavy. Take perhaps the most divisive topic in America and focus on the worst part of it. Not an overly pleasant documentary but an important one worth watching.

I try to be educated on important matters and because this is such a hot-button social/political issue, I try to be educated on abortion. In doing so, I once again take more of a liberal stand than most.

First off, these are not monsters. Tiller was not a monster. You can disagree with what he did, but do those he served, he was more or less a hero. And to do what he did with so much on the line - ultimately his life - makes him even more so.

So that's all I ask on this issue an all others: what is the science? what is the human side? what is the social side? When you start putting these things together, I see only one logical conclusion. It is not always a pleasant conclusion in these situations or in others, but pleasant is not always part of the contract.

I just think, in the least, there should be actual conversations about these things. Not protesting at rock concerts with graphic images (like I saw in Wichita years ago), not protesting outside a middle school with graphic images (like is shown in this docu), not setting up hotlines that provide misinformation to women in need. It's always been my take that the side that relies on misinformation, emotion, and shock is probably the weaker side. If you have the truth in your pocket, you don't need those things.

My views did not change watching this. I think abortions are still a terribly private matter and terribly difficult decisions. And it's not always just women being irresponsible. It's so, so, so much more. But as long as one side can ignorantly repeat incorrect facts, I guess we'll always have that debate.
November 12, 2014
Offers a really heartbreaking and balanced look at the people who risk there lives and reputations to perform 3rd trimester abortions as well as the desperate and broken women who travel thousands of miles and spend over $10,000 to terminate their pregnancies.
October 4, 2014
After Tiller es un documental controversial, pero que merece ser visto por personas a favor o en contra del tema. Los abortos del tercer trimestre son escasos, de hecho componen solo el 2% de todos los abortos realizados en Estados Unidos. Son una solución sólo para situaciones críticas, pero igualmente termina siendo delicado, ya que termina siendo un procedimiento donde se termina la vida de un feto ya desarrollado. Por todas estas razones, las personas que hacen estos procedimientos son escasas y a la vez se encuentran bajo peligro. Lamentablemente el Dr. Tiller fue la víctima de un ataque donde fue asesinado y este documental trata de conmemorar su vida y a las personas más cercanas a él.

Esta es una profesión peligrosa, y los doctores que aún quedan para realizar estos procedimientos, son constantemente asediadas y rechazadas, al igual que sus ayudantes. Nadie quiere hacer este trabajo, pero el consenso entre ellos es que es un trabajo necesario. Por ejemplo uno de los doctores llamado Warren Hern dice que nunca estuvo interesado en este tipo se trabajo, pero al hacer su residencia médica en comunidades de bajos recursos, fue testigo de situaciones donde mujeres tenían embarazos indeseados y terminaban abusando o siendo negligentes con sus hijos. La verdad del asunto es que las mujeres tienen derecho de hacer lo que quieran con sus cuerpos, y estos doctores ayudan a casos muy específicos, donde no hay ninguna otra salida. La mayoría de estos procedimientos son realizados cuando las mujeres están embarazadas de bebes con malformaciones graves, o algunos que al nacer van a tener poco tiempo de vida, entonces alguna forma estos abortos terminan siendo una manera digna de morir. Pero no todo es blanco y negro, todas las personas involucradas en esta profesión tienen sus momentos de dudas y ellos también pasan por el dolor de sus pacientes. Lo que más me impresionó de este documental fue el trato digno que tenían los doctores y enfermeras hacia estas mujeres y sus familias. En ningún momento hay algún juicio, sólo entendimiento y compasión que es exactamente lo que necesitan al tomar esta decisión tan difícil.

After Tiller es un retrato compasivo acerca de un tema complejo. Fue esclarecedor y doloroso verlo, pero a pesar del tema esta llena de humanidad. El trabajo de estos doctores es admirable sin importar que punto de vista tenga el espectador. Para algunos pueden parecer monstruos, para mi son héroes, ya que a pesar de todas las amenazas y dificultades que tienen, son fieles creyentes de el derecho de la mujer, y necesitamos a más personas como ellos.
½ October 3, 2014
This is a Pro Abortion or Pro Choice Film. Watching it, watching ads that support previews, supports this side of the cause.
½ September 26, 2014
Its one sided but does let the other side talk a bit. It actually opened my eyes to what late term abortions usually are, at least from what they say. very well done.
September 10, 2014
this was a hard one to watch, but i like to watch documentaries on all subjects to be informed and knowledgeable about subjects. no I don't want to start a debate.
September 7, 2014
Informative, and what happened to pro-choice and woman's rights?
September 6, 2014
Tough issue handled via wet paper bag
September 4, 2014
all this movie talks about is about abortions smh on babies facilities
½ August 29, 2014
"You may or may not be convinced, but you will be concerned."
July 21, 2014
Having watched the Assassination of Dr. Tiller several years ago when it first aired, this was a welcome follow up with the few remaining late term abortion providers in America, albeit a frustrating one. This ought to be mandatory viewing for every American because it offers such a fantastic encapsulation of who these providers are, and more importantly, who their patients are.

This film, while drawing attention to the pro-life movement, does so in such a way that the pro-life movement is not given a platform from which to air their beliefs as they so often do with absolutely no hesitation. The Assassination of Dr. Tiller, for example, incorporated two prominent members of the pro-life movement, and their remarks with regards to Tiller and his death were difficult to swallow. Even viewing it now, they leaves me feeling raw and angry (and rightfully so).

After Tiller emphasizes the compassionate aspect of abortion and why access to late term abortion is necessary. It has been a long while since the light was shined directly on the doctors who perform late term abortions and their patients without giving equal time, attention, and great emphasis on the pro-lifers who would have them cast out of society entirely.
July 16, 2014
Dr. George Tiller was one of the few late-trimester abortion doctors. He was killed, but four of his colleagues continue his work. At first, I would have said that I disagreed with late-trimester abortion, but after watching the documentary, I found that sometimes that's when they find horrible deformities in unborn children. Usually, these were wanted and planned-for children and the parents are anguished as they make their decision. It just teaches to always look at a question from both sides.
½ July 14, 2014
Killing babies about to be born is a selfish & cowardly act Period
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