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Aftershock hints at an inventive twist on horror tropes, but ultimately settles for another round of mind-numbing depravity that may alternately bore and revolt all but the most ardent gore enthusiasts.



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What happens to a group of travelers who are in an underground nightclub in Chile when a massive earthquake hits? Hint: Nothing good!


Eli Roth
as Gringo
Marcial Tagle
as Firefighter
Dayana Amigo
as Bartender
Eduardo Domínguez
as Russell Dazzle
Gabriela Hernández
as Cleaning Lady
Edgardo Bruna
as Grumpy Operator
Igal Furman
as Bouncer
Paz Bascuñan
as Pregnant Woman
Vicki Silva
as Red Head Woman
Adrián Salgado
as Flaite 1 - Adrián
Orlando Alfaro
as Flaite 2 - Cristofer
Enrique Quiroz
as Flaite 3 - Bairon
Fran Concha
as Guide's Friend
Marcela de la Carrera
as Homeless Woman
Baltazar Amaya
as 8 Year Old Boy
Camilo Amaya
as 10 Year Old Boy
Ignacio Verdugo
as Dying Firefighter
Nicolas Carrasco
as 6 Year Old Boy
Amaro Diaz
as 4 Year Old Boy
Pablo Courard
as Hotel Receptionist
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  • Jul 16, 2015
    In "Aftershock," an American(Eli Roth, who also co-wrote) travels through Chile with Ariel(Ariel Levy) and Pollo(Nicolas Martinez). While they show him a good time in night clubs, he bores them silly by taking them to a vineyard. In yet another nightclub, they meet three women also from the United States, Monica(Andrea Osvart), Irina(Natasha Yarovenko) and Kylie(Lorenza Izzo), and invite them along to Valparaiso for even more partying. What I dislike about horror so much, and maybe even more than the icky parts(which this movie has, so relax), is the fact that filmmakers often use the genre as an excuse to visit all sorts of gross harm onto their characters. And that is no different with "Aftershock" which negates any ambitions of philosophical points it might have otherwise tried to make in favor of an extended sick joke. To make matters worse, the movie also takes relatively forever to get started.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Dec 21, 2014
    A nihilistic and cheap-looking exploitation crap that has Roth's repellent fingerprints all over it: mediocre dialogue, a bunch of hateful characters we want to see dead and a huge amount of gratuitous violence and gore for the sake of mindless entertainment. In short, a waste of time.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Jul 06, 2014
    Much to my surprise I actually found some moments of Aftershock surprisingly affecting. Though it's a cheap looking, badly filmed and relentlessly grim film (with an especially dull first 30 minutes), there were scenes that were very well played and bizarrely touching. As an actor, Eli Roth doesn't have much in the way of comic timing but he can certainly do distressed and panicked very well indeed, and though characterisation is paper thin, the "arc" of the step sisters is played well enough. Which in a way only shows up how disappointing most of the film is - illogically plotted, relentlessly nihilistic (though that seems to be Aftershock's raison d'être), badly edited and scored.
    Daniel P Super Reviewer
  • May 10, 2014
    Yep, the worse thing I saw in 2014 so far. This is just wrong on way too many levels. It looks like poo, the story is poo, the actors are poo, the shock values are just awful and poo, poo, poo, poo. Get away from this.
    Francisco G Super Reviewer

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