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October 15, 2017
Reviewed 10.10.17. Michael Powell directed one of my all-time favorite movies, Stairway to Heaven (A Matter of Life and Death). That movie is everything this movie is not. It was original, charming and romantic. Age of Consent is boring, distasteful and skeevy. I get that in 1969 a joke about a man being raped, or a grandpa aged leading man having a teenage love interest, was socially acceptable in some circles. And for entertainment's sake, that could be looked past, if the movie had anything else to offer. But the supporting roles are all horribly overacted caricatures. The plot is paper thin. The only interest is watching Helen Mirren in her first role. But even that wears thin as they apparently thought showing her breasts through a wet shirt in practically every scene was her greatest asset. Glad she proved them wrong over her distinguished career. All this movie proved is even talented directors can misfire, and that people could be particularly gross in 1969. Seems one star is the lowest rating, so let's say a 1/2 star each for the cute dog, and the appealing setting.
½ September 6, 2017
Director Michael Powell's final film follows on the heels of his previous Australian venture (They're a Weird Mob, 1966) moving from Sydney up to Brisbane and North Queensland. It stars James Mason (with tenuous accent) as an Australian painter who leaves New York to return to his roots on a remote tropical island near the Great Barrier Reef. Although he's burnt out, the relaxed environment starts to bring back his creative streak. A cheeky teenager (played by young Helen Mirren) soon becomes his muse; Mirren spends a lot of the movie in a state of undress as a result. This is a bit jarring if you only know her from Prime Suspect and her late career superstardom (possibly Calendar Girls, 2006, which I haven't seen, brings things full circle). Similarly to Weird Mob, there's a bit of comic relief here as well, poking fun at Aussie stereotypes and slang, when Mason's insufferable friend Nat Kelly (Jack MacGowran) comes to visit and gets into trouble. But overall the tone is laid back, as if the gentle rhythm of the waves was setting the pace of the picture. Plenty of shots of the lush locations and underwater photography of the reef do not disappoint. Mason ultimately gets his mojo back, although the May-September romance that eventuates does have an ick factor. The paintings on display don't strike me as particularly notable but an early shot of a Sidney Nolan artbook suggests that Powell does have better taste. It's a shame (after his masterworks with Pressburger) that his career ground completely to a halt after this, due to lack of funding, aged 64.
½ August 26, 2016
There are some nervous insertions of redundant comic relief, but not enough to shatter the prevailing mood: brilliant sunlight illuminating all the unmomentous ins and outs of a human passion.
March 5, 2016
Beautiful film, yound Helen Mirren had so much charm and innocence despite the nude scenes, she is very gorgeous, and the film itself is quite entertaining and nice to watch with wonderful shots of the nature and ocean.
½ December 31, 2014
I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to watch this for young naked Helen Mirren. In that regard, I was vastly rewarded. On its own as a film, it's pretty bland and boring. Mason's character isn't very interesting, and not much happens (besides said Mirren getting naked lots). I guess I could pretend to say I wanted to watch it because it's Michael Powell's last film since it's at least partially true, and I was also let down in that regard; what a whimper to go out on.
½ November 20, 2014
Ahhh The Things Men Get Up To While On Sabbaticals..Bit Dated, But Challenges Typical Misogynistic Views By Men (Of The 70s) Towards Women. The Aussie Rainforests Of The Tropics & Barrier Reef Is Beautiful, But Overall The Story Is Very Dry & Lacks Multifariousness.
November 16, 2013
Good example of how some movies from the 60-ies and 70-ies have dated beyond their own good. Very strange to listen to Mirren talk in this one, a weird strangled working class accent that definately is not hers. Best watched with German dubbing as it looks and feels exactly like eurotrash movies from the same era.
July 22, 2013
Great to see Helen Mirren in her first feature role playing a nubile Australian lass posing for an older artist in search of a muse. He finds much more. I rate it as a "must see". The photography of the famous underwater husband & wife team is spectacular.
April 27, 2013
its worth a watch just to see a young Helen Mirren...and i actually thought the story of an artist looking for inspiration on an island was an interesting concept. it's not quite the story i expected of him finding his model in this washed up island girl..but it was good to watch overall if a little slow and meandering..i have to say- my biggest complaint about this relatively mediocre island movie was the character of the girl's grandmother/Ma- she was just so badly written and one dimensional. i get she was an alcoholic and severely delusional but why was she so overly protective and watchful of this every girl's moves? It just didn't all add up for me...she seemed like a caricature of the paranoid religious mother who doesn't want to give up her virgin daughter to animalistic impure men... also as funny as Jack MacGowran was to watch- the nat kelly subplot seemed really thrown in and didn't pose much threat or foreseeable element to the overall plot. it was just a minor nuisance for the james mason character and so he was setback $300 bucks a few paintings and loses a supposed friend from the beginning. the script could've been a heck of alot better too- but i do like the visuals and particularly the piano music sequences are very pretty that reflect the romantic nature atmosphere on the island and art sessions. and a NOTE about flixter site: i'm really disliking the synopsis writers giving away blatant plot elements...sometimes the viewers would like to SEE the movie themselves instead of getting fed the plot in the synopsis before they even see it...
December 13, 2012
Enjoyable comedy with a small c, but it's equally an enjoyable drama with a small d. The setting is colourful and the characters likeable.
November 13, 2012
I almost did not see this, but I am a huge fan of the director and of Mason, and to have Mirren was an interesting twist. The potential was squandered in the simplistic unbelievable characters and Mason's eventually giving into his muse. Regardless, it was interesting to see the remote beach culture of Australia, and Mason acts well.
½ July 19, 2012
An interesting film set in the great barrier reef in North Queensland. Basically the story of an uninspired artist in NYC who goes back to his routes in Brisbane for inspiration.

Once settled in remote North QLD he quickly finds the island isn't as remote as he initially thought. He bumps into the naive & seductive Helen Mirren in her very 'natural role'

It is a good film but doesn't really go in any direction, the characters that film this film are interesting but don't seem to go any where. An arty film at it's core, but I found it I treating as a simple character study.
½ October 30, 2011
This movie is a bit what we in swedish call "Gubbsjuk" That would be close to sexist in english or something that way but nevertheless do we here have a pretty nice very australian film.

James Mason was very old even in 1969 and Helen Mirren was very young but they do find each other anyway. Small cast, casted away on a island in the Great Barrier Reef. The small roles are played excellent by unknown actors. Life is gritty and a bit out of order in Australia. In a way it has similarities with a dystopic sience fiction in way. Portraing people far away from pretty everything eventhough a small boat can take the islanders n to a small town on the mailland.

The movie has some nice twists in plot and some nice music, Espacially in Mirrens under water swining and diving scenes.

The very end is a bit weird and the movie is of course most known for showing a lot of Helen Mirrens most bare acting, but still, a neat movie.
September 23, 2011
Director Michael Powell's last film is an interesting take on the older man/younger woman dynamic as James Mason portrays a painter trying to escape to a deserted island in Australian's Great Barrier Reef to find inspiration. Inspiration comes in the form of Helen Mirren, in her first film performance, as a young girl who befriends him and becomes his muse & model. (In what would become a stereotype for her, Mirren is often nude.) Film often threatens to veer into seriousness and danger for the characters but sidesteps it. In the end it's a rather lightweight film with some beautiful location and underwater photography and a wonderful score by composer Peter Sculthorpe (which was thrown out by Columbia Pictures and replaced by one by Stanley Myers.) Restoration of the film rescued the director's original intention for the film and now preserved on DVD.
½ July 12, 2011
Good last proper film by Michael Powell.

Helen Mirren's film debut.
½ February 5, 2011
A wonderful film about coming of age and shedding the past. It could have been something different, a predicatably dark moral tale, but Powell instead delivers a romanctic film, that balances perhaps some mild suspense, and a bit of comedy. And damn, Helen Mirren, I mean, it's a great performance (and Mason is great too, of course), but damn. Mason was one lucky guy..
July 14, 2010
James Mason is once again caught up with a young girl, this time it's Helen Mirren in one of her first major roles. One of director Michael Powell's later efforts, and not quite on the level of his earlier masterpieces, but his sharp cinematic sense is still in top form and the easygoing pacing is kept compelling by the beautiful location photography and well-drawn characters (including some fine comic relief by Jack MacGowran). The music is dated, and the ending not too satisfying, but a minor classic.
June 24, 2010
An artist who feels he has become jaded by success and life in New York City. He decides that he needs to regain the edge he had as a young artist and returns to Australia. It is here, he meets his muse played by the 24 year old Helen Mirren, in all her naked glory. Like the misconceptions of the general public (well, not always, actually), the Artist does not fancy the model as a desirable woman, but more a creative element...a muse
Much like an early version of "Sirens" (which I absolutely love)...the Artist is persecuted by those that are insecure and ignorant of The Artists Way...the editing is choppy, but at times the photography is absolutely glorious...and the film is classified as a "comedy of sorts"...but more drama to me...check it out, then watch Sirens and compare.
June 6, 2010
An aging artist escapes to an island off the coast of Queensland, Australia. He initially wants to be away from people, but soon discovers inspiration in the body of a 22 year old Helen Mirren. The locations are beautiful - and some very nice underwater shots of the Great Barrier Reef. The film never does seem to take itself seriously with some truly farcical characters and moments which can be quite funny. And the film is certainly never boring. But the overall film structure seems quite awkward. Nevertheless, certainly worth seeing for the work of Michael Powell, James Mason and an early appearance by the terrific and fearless Helen Mirren.
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