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A giant crocodile is terrorizing Thai villagers. A group of adventurers set out by boat to track it down and kill it.
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Its sucks . . . sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks . . . AND . . . sucks. The Crocodile swims into the Ocean and the film SUCKS SOME MORE. but THE MOVIE POSTER GREAT!

Gordon Terry
Gordon Terry

I had always wanted to see this small 70's nature run-amok film, but was never aware that it was, in fact, a foreign film from Thailand. Horribly dubbed and edited, Crocodile (or Agowa gongpo) is pretty much low-budget schlock that never achieves greatness. The film is about two doctors who both lose their wives (and a kid) to a mutant crocodile that starts terrorizing the Thai shores, and by terrorizing, I mean scenes where actors acting like their being attacked and killed combined with stock footage of crocodiles attacking something. Occasionally, they use a big fake crocodile for some deaths, but those are few and far between. We are also treated to a regular sized crocodile running around busting small miniature things up, like trees and buildings. Whenever the Croc attacks villages, several people will be in the water spitting blood out, which is amusing, but horribly done. To top things off, after spending several minutes of the films length talking about setting out to kill the croc, the widowed men finally set sail in the last 30 minutes of the film which is a COMPLETE and OBVIOUS rip-off of Jaws. The film ends abruptly and leaves you hanging; almost as if they ran out of film. Utterly terrible film.

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

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