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January 5, 2016
It was a good film that depicts the nature of an A.I robot capable of gaining human emotions, and making his dreams come to life through a fairy tale.
December 29, 2015
Epically derivative.
December 22, 2015
Just watched this for the 2nd time after seeing it when it originally came it - stands up well and still a good story
½ December 20, 2015
I liked this. Spielberg achieved something similar to what he did with ET, i.e. pull on the heartstrings. It may be a bit over-sentimental, but it does portray a reality that's not so hard to believe. It seems entirely possible that what happens in this film could be a reality in the not so distant future.

The acting and cinematography is hard to fault and it for sure make you think how good AI could be, could we get an attachment to synths.

Sci-fi...got to love it!
December 12, 2015
"A.I." is Steven Spielberg's sci-fi take on the classic story of Pinnochio. The story revolves around a "special" mechanical robot that looks exactly like a boy, except he isn't. He is specially programmed to love with a special code, and when a woman tells him the code, he holds on to this person until the end of times.

I'll start out by saying that I didn't hate this movie, but it felt too sappy and out there that I felt that this basic retelling of an already great movie was unnecessary. The effects were great, the acting was great, but I felt the plot lacked something throughout. Perhaps it was that this story felt too heartfelt.

Overall, "A.I." isn't Spielberg's worst effort, but I find this film to be riding the bottom of the barrel when it comes to his filmography. That isn't saying much his Spielberg doesn't make too many bad movies, but I must say if I had to call at least three of his films "bad", this movie certainly would make the cut. 5.6/10
½ December 4, 2015
Love the ending as it fast forwards to the further future
½ December 2, 2015
Wanted to see it for a long time and was a little disappointed. It was decent but was expecting much more.
½ December 1, 2015
A flawed but astonishing film. You will never forget it.
½ November 30, 2015
The movie is decent,nugh said
November 23, 2015
This is a very genuine film with great filmmaking behind it, it did waste a lot of potential and didn't expand on too many ideas like it should have.
In a certain sense though, it's beautifully fascinating - and flawed.
November 9, 2015
I wonder what it would have been like if Kubrick actually could direct it. Beginning of the film introduces the same questions and themes as Blade Runner (and essentially "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?"), but then it just spirals into an adventure, which seems to get out of hand and lasts way too long.
½ November 7, 2015
This movie on its own is pretty disappointing, considering the movie is nowhere close to how Kubrick writes movies. However, this movie has a huge savior: Steven Speilberg. This movie was meant to be created by Kubrick... then he passed away. Steven tried so hard to match up Kubrick's writing style. Overall, the movie isn't good, but is a successful movie that is watchable. This is an overall guilty pleasure.

7/10 (3.5/5)
½ October 24, 2015
Dramatic scifi has given us some of Spielberg's greatest achievements, and this morally unsettling outing is a heart-wrenching and scary empathy machine. If we create a robot to love, what is our ethical obligation to love him back? Great performances, especially from Osment, and phenomenal effects help support this surprisingly successful combination of two very different auteurs (Kubrick and Spielberg).
½ October 21, 2015
It has all the ingredients of Spielberg's best, but for whatever reason, when the credits roll, the feels are nonexistent.
October 21, 2015
Boring!!! I thought this ended, only for it to go on for another hour!!
October 20, 2015
It's hard for me to give a Spileberg flick a bad rating, but this one just gets by with a passing grade.
October 18, 2015
I hadn't seen this movie in a long time. This one of the most beautiful love stories I've seen....a great movie. I wouldn't expect anything less from Steven Spielberg.
October 18, 2015
This movie is great. It's better than critic say it is. A very misunderstood movie. Also it's very underrated like Indiana Jones 4.
October 8, 2015
I assume this is what an acid trip feels like. B-
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