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September 9, 2016
9/8/16 It was an interesting concept. I liked it, but I think it went a little overboard with some of the weird futuristic stuff (like the Flesh Fair). I also found it pretty sad, so I didn't really like watching it sometimes. It made me feel bad, which isn't fun. Overall though, it was a good story and an interesting watch.
½ August 31, 2016
It's strikingly beautiful on the surface, but I think Spielberg's sentimentality in the third act feels forced. Haley Joel Osment really puts on an amazing performance here though that I can't imagine anyone else doing. It's not a failure by any means, but I don't think it reaches the potential brilliance it should have given Spielberg and Kubrick dealing with the future and our inevitable demise to technology.
July 22, 2016
excelent movinog film
July 21, 2016
Really not that good of a movie from Steven Spielberg. It boasts interesting ideas and themes, and tugs on the heart strings a little like all of his work. But overall the movie felt rather lackluster and forgettable to me.
½ July 18, 2016
I rate this film 4.5/5. Still, I would call it a masterpiece.
That's the great thing with Spielberg films. You watch one of his movies, and of course, it has to be good. I feel like Spielberg has the ability to control his audience's emotions completely. In addition to this, his films are always so outstandingly creative and original.
A.I: Artificial Intelligence is a futuristic Pinocchio tale outstandingly directed.
And of course, you can't forget Haley Joel Osment while thinking about this movie. For Haley Joel Osment's acting was so incredible that I wonder whether Tom Hanks is even almost comparable to this child actor.
I do sometimes consider this film a masterpiece. But really, it's not.
The idea, script, acting, and direction was extraordinary. But Spielberg didn't know when to put and end to this brilliance.
This story needs and ending. But that's the thing with Spielberg - he needs a happy one.
The film was excellent, but near the end it got messy and left me with mixed feelings about the movie.
It's such a strong ending, so deep, that I could not have taken more than a 0.5 away.
4.5/5 stars is deserved.
This film definitely is a classic, and definitely a must see.
July 15, 2016
Literally just watched it, cried buckets, one of Spielburg's darkest, I loved it.

Powerfully acted with a smooth-as-you-like turn from Jude Law as well as the infamous never blinking Haley Joel Osmond, and a scenery chewing cameo from Brendan Gleeson. It's a great ensemble piece with the real star being not Osmond, Law, or even Spielburg but the elaborate production design of
Rick Carter and and the fantastic animatronics, elaborate and convincing.

At times fanciful, at times too long, and at times ripping off Blade Runner but who isn't these days, AI is a criminally underrated success. My theory is that the rumours of Kubrick's involvement caused audiences at the time to expect something they weren't getting. It's bloody fantastic and I can only see myself enjoying it more as time goes on.
June 29, 2016
one of the most fascinating Spielberg movie ever made
June 27, 2016
Was enjoyably weird, bleak and curiously comic-like for most part, until he last bit where Kubrick's mastery gave way to Spielberg's over-exaggerated sentimentalism. The last 30 minutes is redundant and spoils the whole film, effectively erasing the memory of its good part. What a shame.
½ June 22, 2016
I'd give this movie NEGATIVE five stars if I could. A.I is the worst movie ever made IMO.
½ June 19, 2016
There is a lot to take in on a first viewing. But if there's one thing I'm certain about then it's that some of the things on screen here will stay with me for a long time - not least of which being the remarkable Haley Joel Osment.
June 17, 2016
Not very kid-friendly, although it sometimes feels it is, "Artificial Intelligence" takes an affectionate look at A.I. the same way "E.T." did at aliens.
June 2, 2016
A fascinating and absorbing watch - fusing the visions of two master filmmakers and directed with heart, sincerity, and concluded perfectly by Spielberg. The performance of Haley Joel Osment is magnificence, as is John Williams' score. A reimaginaning of the story of 'Pinnochio' - a story of love, endearment, and of puppet and master. Each plays a different role in this film, and ultimately 'David' gets a fulfilling and satisfying conclusion to his quest for 'realness'. Quite incredible film.
May 20, 2016
Steven Spielberg is the greatest storyteller of the year!
May 10, 2016
A masterpiece that shows the value of emotions, especially for those who aren't capable of making emotions. Too many take social skills for granted, not realizing how difficult it can be for others. Watch it through the eyes of someone who is socially limited. It's moving
½ May 9, 2016
It's overlong and a little unfocused, but A.I. has loads of ideas and wholeheartedly explorers them with passion. A decent film for a film-buff.
April 30, 2016
A dystopian world that suffers the effect of climate change and where androids supplies some human functions gives us the context of a futurist Pinocchion story.
April 17, 2016
It had problems, but It is fascinating and I do have some respect for this film. I'm not a big fan of the childish, overly-sappy ending like many people, but knowing that Stanley Kubrick actually came up with it, for some reason, sounds kind of uplifting.
March 13, 2016
While the film has good ideas and a good premise, the execution is rather poor and it never knows when to stop. The ending is beyond atrocious.
½ March 2, 2016
There are only a couple of positive things I can say about A.I. because it was a real letdown. First of all the film looked good. While the style of this futuristic world was inconsistent, it still looked unique and was captured well by Spielberg and his crew. Also the special effects were done remarkably well. The other positive is that the film has a good amount of sentiment in it, so it's hard to avoid getting at least somewhat choked up at one time or another. The big problem with this sentimentality is that it is extremely forced. The movie is manipulative, and doesn't rely on real character moments. Instead it just prolongs painful scenes enough to basically rip the tears from your eyes. I can sometimes take forced emotion if it's in a good story, but I don't think A.I. has a good story. What drives me nuts, is that every single human being in this movie acts like an idiot. There are seemingly an infinite number of flaws in the programming of David, his parents seem completely ill-equipped to handle even the slightest difficulty as if they've never had any experience raising a child, and then Professor Hobby at the end has done nothing to plan for how he will handle David's arrival. It's so stupid that, when the aliens are telling David how much they value humans, I start to question why they would even care about these morons. And, yes, that ending is just the stupid icing on the stupid cake of this movie. It took so long to get there that I was livid when the film kept dragging out with this nonsense. This might be my least favorite Spielberg film ever (aside from some movie about a Crystal Skull that I wish didn't exist.)
February 22, 2016
Once you are in a cute family movie with a weird robot that tries to be a real boy (Pinocchio likey), then... Boom! A zombie robot! Then... kaboom! A weird sci-fi movie that just gets more and more weird.
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