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January 9, 2016
While it's not the best documentary I've seen, and not really as creative as a film about Ai WeiWei deserves to be, the story it tells is fascinating, it was well-edited, and invites various levels of analysis - from looking at his artwork, to his infidelity, and most importantly the state of China's authority and censorship against artists and activists.
January 1, 2016
inspiring artist and activist
Robert B.
Super Reviewer
September 27, 2015
Never Sorry is not bad as a documentary, but it seems to be more about showcasing the persona of Ai Wei Wei than it is informative about his art or the issues. If you have heard about this man in the news and want to know more about the controversy, then this is an interesting view, though I would not say it is compelling. Fans of the reality TV style of documentary should enjoy it.
August 26, 2015
Both Ai Weiwei and the team who put together this documentary should be applauded for their boldness and strength in the midst of political oppression. This is a terrific documentary - giving courage to those standing up to wrongdoing, and showing the impact of art.
August 4, 2015
The best documentary about Ai Weiwei I've watched.
½ April 6, 2015
He should be every artists idol.
April 1, 2015
A brave man but also perhaps a foolish one.
March 3, 2014
Ai Weiwe: Never Sorry, is a contemporary art documentary that reminds people that "maybe being powerful means to be fragile." The messages Ai presents are informative and meaningful. The Story of Ai WeiWei, China's Leading Netizen, is one people must see and follow. Crack open a bag of "Sunflower Seeds" and get ready to learn about a man who is living an artistically rebelious life.

Remember "Don't Retreat, Retweet."

This 1 hour and 31 minute - R Rated (for some language) - is a country changing film.
February 9, 2014
It is not only to talk in their name, it is to talk with them, to talk to them, to talk through them.... in summary to get INVOLVE.
January 29, 2014
"Can an artist change China?"

Ai Weiwei es uno de los hombres más peligrosos de China, y su arma de preferencia es el arte. No esconde su oposición hacia el gobierno y tiene un gran número de seguidores, lo cual lo hace una amenaza. El no es cualquier artista, porque está consciente de los problemas de China y basa todo su trabajo alrededor de eso. Si mayor motivación no es el dinero sino exponer toda la corrupción e injusticia. De hecho su trabajo trasciende el arte, cuando un terremoto golpeó a Sichuan en el 2008, se tomó la labor de encontrar el nombre de cada víctima y desenmascarar el hecho de que murieron a falta de una mejor infraestructura y fácilmente hubieron podido sobrevivir, un hecho que el gobierno estaba tratando de esconder. Vemos a Ai Weiwei como una persona, y como su historia moldeó al hombre que es hoy en día. Este es un documental fascinante que muestra lo lejos que puede ir la brutalidad policial y las injusticias, y lo poderoso que es la visión de un hombre en contra de la violencia. Este es un documental imperdible.
½ December 25, 2013
Comprehensive portrait of this artist and activist.
December 24, 2013
December 3, 2013
Ai Weiwei is inspirational.
½ December 2, 2013
Interesting documentary on the private life of this famous artist while reflecting on the politics and the extent of suppression in China.
November 22, 2013
mám manelku a die?a s "priate?kou" - stane sa :D
½ November 8, 2013
This is good - we didn't see the end of it in art history class as we had to go. Looking forward to the ending and actually watching it again.
September 26, 2013
brilliant look into ai weiwei's life and story. great documentary to bring out the creative spirit.
September 9, 2013
Art meets social activism - a compelling portrait of Ai Weiwei.
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