Aug 2, 2011
A well acted, sensual tale of lesbian romance set against the tumultuous setting of WWII and the Holocaust.
Apr 10, 2010
It's a breathtakingly beautiful film, never mawkish, never less than vibrantly real and never more affecting than when it explores the nature of a love that 'dare not speak its name', not in Nazi Germany
Apr 10, 2010
Startlingly poignant, Aime and Jaguar is a story about dreams. If you have ever dreamed, don't miss it.
Aug 14, 2007
Powerful and touching. Good touching.
Jun 10, 2006
Dec 6, 2005
Sep 7, 2004
Mar 12, 2004
Jul 30, 2003
Jul 25, 2003
A histria (real) interessante, mas o roteiro e a direo so enfadonhos. Grandes atuaes em um filme que no causa impacto, apenas sono.
Jan 23, 2003
Theatre director Max Frberbck could hardly have picked a more intense and heartbreaking story for his cinema debut.
Dec 8, 2002
An enchanting and provocative love story.
Nov 30, 2002
...a rich melange of tumultous and sensual events. The story, acting, direction, set design and costuming fluidly combine to give a passionate portrait of living and loving on the edge of despair in a place and time where there was no tomorrow.
Oct 2, 2002
A sophisticated and beautiful feature debut from German television director Max Frberbck.
Jun 5, 2002
While at times a bit too slow, especially during a handful of love scenes that verge on being gratuitous, the strength of the two lead actresses as desperate, devoted lovers is enough to engage audiences throughout the entire pic.
Apr 3, 2002
Certainly this is great dramatic fodder, and first-time feature film director Max Farberbock has given a terrific visual style, resonance, sense of hope and power to the material.
Mar 5, 2002
Feb 14, 2002
A vivid slice of life -- and love -- during the 1944 Allied bombardment of Berlin.
Oct 16, 2001
Based on a true story, though that doesn't really make it all that compelling.
Aug 9, 2001
Watching Aimee and Jaguar is like having your eyes anxiously affixed on a cracked mirror on the wall, delicately held together, yet on the brink of violently shattering to the ground.