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November 1, 2015
I don't really have the words to describe this film. So I'm just going to share seven things I know about it:

1) It is utterly jaw-droppingly amazing.
2) It had its world premiere at the Portland Film Festival, which is where I saw it.
3) Director Hooroo Jackson financed the film with bitcoin.
4) Jackson won the Best Director award at the Portland Film Festival.
5) This film was inspired, in many different small ways, by Ken Russell, Terry Gilliam and the Disney Channel.
6) The title character, Aimy, is a free spirit and an artist whose family doesn't understand her. So she goes crazy. During an apocalypse. Possibly during the 1970s. It's basically the story of every teenage girl who has ever lived.
7) I absolutely adored this film. (See #1)
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