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½ May 13, 2015
I've seen worse - but not often. Luke Skywalker - you sure are lucky that Disney bought Star Wars!
½ April 24, 2015
A good mix of killing and supernatural but lack suspense.
½ January 25, 2015
watchable cheap British made thriller,as long as you can forget the problems you may get something out of this. the acting is pretty poor especially from gemma atkinson who really doesn't suit her role at all and i have no idea why the airports so empty at the start either? the twists were ok but made little sense,the effects did the job to. nice to see mark hamill in a role even if he's aged badly and phones it in.
April 17, 2014
A real piece of crap.
January 26, 2014
Airborne is a kind of hospice for less successful Star Wars actors. Also it's really stupid. But that didn't stop me from watching it.
½ January 3, 2014
It's a servicable demon on a plane flick with LUKE SKYWALKER IN IT!!! So it's worth a viewing for that alone.
December 14, 2013
The ending was interesting but to get to the ending you have to put through the whole slow boring movie that slightly does not make sense. It was as exciting as reviewers made it.
November 14, 2013
Horrible acting and storyline.
½ August 25, 2013
This movie is pretty poor. It takes ages to get going, and once it does, it isn't anything special. All of the characters are bloody annoying, along with the poor storyline which leads to nothing. Mark Hamill isn't ageing gracefully, and I definitely expected more from him after starring as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise. It wold have been much better if they had left it as a who dunnit, but the director decided just to make it as a pointless thriller which gets a bit tedious after a while. The explanation on why the passengers switch, makes the movie even more pathetic and a waste of time. Disappointing!

What ever did happen to Mark Hamill? After Star Wars his career really didn't kick off, which must upset him because Harrison Ford became a superstar. All of the other actors in the film couldn't really shine because the script was appalling. I'm glad that the film was short because it was going downhill from the beginning.

Budget: $1.2million
Worldwide Gross: N/A

I recommend this movie to people who like there disasters on a plane type of movies, but don't expect anything special. 1/10
½ July 9, 2013
Awful. The acting is bad, the story is bad, the filming is bad, the effects are bad, the fake American accents are bad the only good thing about this film is that it ended.
½ May 27, 2013
There's something to be said for a movie that wants to be a little bit different and stand out from the rest. Unfortunately throwing the kitchen sink at us with way too many ideals and not nearly enough time to develop them is not a focused movie with a distinct point of view. For a B flick it's tolerable and I give it an A for effort .
April 10, 2013
Airborne (Dominic Burns, 2012)

Airborne starts off with the best of intentions, though it's a bit derivative of Snakes on a Plane atmosphere-wise (and really, there's nowhere to go from there but down); having a passenger disappear from a plane mid-flight over the Atlantic Ocean is about the best locked-room mystery one could possibly come up with. And for about half this movie's eighty minutes, Dominic Burns manages to give the locked-room-mystery angle its due, and this is actually a fun little movie, though it's never anything more than that. Unfortunately, however, there's a second half, where everything falls apart.

Plot: it's the last flight out of England in the face of an oncoming hurricane, bound for New York City. Among the passengers: Alan (Burns regular Simon Phillips), a recently-dumped layabout who's still flying to New York for his engagement party despite no longer having a fiancee; Max (Snatch's Alan Ford), the stereotypical bad guy, right down to having two musclehead bodyguards, Luke (The Descent's Craig Conway) and Smoker (Harry Brown's Forbes KB); Bob (played by Burns himself), an obnoxious Yankee history teacher; Kailash (East Is East's Raji James), a doctor; a handful of flight attendants, and a few other folks of varying importance to the story. Alan, already morose, is stuck in a window seat next to Bob. Flight attendant Laura (I Can't Think Straight's Kimberly Jaraj), who also happens to be painfully single (see how that works?), takes pity on him and offers him a drink to help him sleep. Which works out fine, but when he wakes up, Bob has disappeared...

it's silly but compelling... and then it hits the halfway point and takes a right turn into stupidland, roping in all kinds of ridiculous attempts at saving its own butt, each one feeling more and more like screenwriter Paul Chronnell was grasping at shorter and shorter straws. Eventually, he missed...but he did so about thirty minutes before he thought he did, based on this movie's running time. *
April 3, 2013
Absolute tripe. It is insulting that the script writer and director expected us to believe the implausible dialogue and actions by the characters, never mind the ridiculous plot. And there would never be a Transtlantic flight with only 10 people on board, the flight would be postponed 'til the next day. Utterly ridiculous.
March 20, 2013
Mark Hamill...what happened to your career ?
This is seriously horrible.
½ March 19, 2013
Some good acting, but overall ridiculous and unbelievable
½ March 10, 2013
Good movie, just wish that the twist ending was a little better.
February 7, 2013
Passe dårlig og passe grei film.
½ January 31, 2013
The passengers of flight ATL626 are in for some turbulence when several people go missing aboard the plane. Things heat up when the hijackers reveal themselves to the crowd, but no one could expect the dark forces that are truly at work at 30,000 feet! Least of all, the viewer. AIRBORNE sets itself up as a murder mystery involving international terrorists in order to deceive the audience while building towards the major plot twist that occurs midway through the flight. The problem is, the twist is so ridiculous and unfathomable that the film immediately loses all appeal. The supernatural elements at work serve no purpose being aboard the plane, making the setting completely irrelevant. As the passengers struggle in the air, a group of traffic controllers battle a secretive military operation on the ground, but considering that these characters have absolutely no impact on the outcome of the flight, they become entirely unnecessary and a waste of screen time. In addition, we are left with no identifiable heroes, but rather a range of cardboard characters for whom we care nothing. The excitement and suspense never get off the ground in this confused thriller.
December 28, 2012
Weird, and not in a good way. I knew we were in trouble when when I saw at the end of the title credits "... and Mark Hamill".
½ December 10, 2012
Airborne is like the paper you cram in the night before its due; you amaze yourself at the work you completed and then after thoroughly analyzing, you realize that there are massive gaps throughout it. I feel as if when this movie was written, ideas were drawn out of hat and automatically incorporated into the script. When have demons, Japanese mythology, terrorism and kidnapping been used in the same sentence. Dominic Burns attempted to cram 4 movies into one and as result left confusing gaps and irrelevant twists. Save yourself the hour and a half of watching airborne before your airdead.
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