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March 11, 2014
This absolutely gorgeous retrospect on perhaps one of the greatest song writers of all time. His personal struggles seem to drive the passion behind the lyrics and we learn of someone deeply loved and admired by all who came into contact with him.
November 30, 2013
I worked with Doc Pomus as a young singer in a girls group called the Lovelites, in 1964. I was 14 years old. Doc wrote some pretty well known songs; I knew that. Doc told my folks he would make sure I would be safe; he kept his word. What I did not know about Doc, I learned from this movie. I learned about the pain of his childhood and how his love for the blues, like my own love for Rock and Roll, lead him to pursue something that would forever change his life and lift him up, higher than his " being the guy on crutches who would knock someone out with a one/two punch" could have ever lifted him. Doc never imagined, in all this dreaming, the real life that lay ahead for him. This film, filled with some personal writings, so generously offered to the audience, by his daughter, Sharyn Felder, tells of his fears and longings, what he thought of himself as a young man, and the way he wanted to be a "whole" man. Although he did so much more than many men had done before him and have after him, in the music business, there was one thing he did not do..he could not do....and poignantly wrote..."Save the Last Dance for Me"; a song to his wife....for reasons that are brought forward in the movie. The repetitive themes, through his successes and failures, had to do with longings, and his inability to see himself as "whole" person/man, even though his humanity was monumental. Through this movie, each one of us, can pick just one thing that resonates with us..be it low self esteem, being generous for the wrong reasons, not looking inward, always taking care of strangers while letting ourselves go to hell....or finding our talent within and growing it, despite all odds. So many more, now, are more like Doc. But in his day, he was an anomaly. Most would have given up and withered away into obscurity. He did not sink, he swam and his exceptional talent for capturing what young men were thinking, needing, desiring, and longing for, allowed him to write some of the most romantic lyrics in Rock and Roll history. This emotional movie is done in a simple style, scanning his life with pictures of the past and story telling with more recent interviews. The way these things are put together allows the important messages get through without too much interpretation on "how did they get here". It is a straight forward biopic into the complex life, intellectual mind, and musical genius of Jerome "Doc Pomus" Felder. I am proud to say I knew and trusted Doc when I was a teenager. That in itself, says volumes about this abundantly talented, loving, man, as noted in this film, through the eyes and words of many. This film had to be made for all time and added to our American Musical History and is its' own work of art, thanks to the team that conceived of
it and brought it to life.
November 29, 2013
This film is a work of art...about a man who got dealt , in many ways, a lousy hand . lesser men would have stayed in their room, their neighborhood, and not confronted the pain. Doc was not that man. And from his pain, his longing, his love, he wrote some of the most beautiful songs ever....sang the blues with the heart of someone who has known what it is to be on the outside...and with his love ,caring, compassionate nurturing soul made lifetime and devoted friends of some of the most amazing talents of the day. I have seen this film 5 times. I cannot wait to see it again. Doc had extensive notes, photos, diaries, writings and his daughter, Sharyn Felder saved these and found Peter Miller and team....and the result is a labor of love. Visually and aurally it is MAGIC. the film editing by Amy Linton is beyond masterful . It is so totally involving. Bring some tissues...and an open heart....and go back into the world....grateful for this man, his music, his Spirit....the people who were committed to telling his remarkable story.
November 7, 2013
This is an exhilarating ride through the life of a supremely talented, complex man, who dealt with immense obstacles and pain, but who created some of the most memorable music of our lifetime. He had an immense capacity for friendship, and some of those friends appear in and narrate the film. It makes a coherent whole out of a vast amount of archival material and a lot of interviews and footage created specially for the film. It's uplifting, heartbreaking and funny... and that music!
October 9, 2013
Better than any course on American culture and music from the late fifties onward wrapped around the life of an amazing man and his achievements in the face of singular adversity. A gripping doc for all!
½ June 24, 2013
Pretty darned interesting review of the life, career, and influence of prolific songwriter 'Doc' Pomus.
November 29, 2012
One of the greatest songwriters. Must see.
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