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March 26, 2018
Terrible. Bad animation, horrendous humor accompanying a horrible plot. This Aladdin went straight to DVD. That just shows you how little effort Disney put into this film. King of Thieves is a waste of time.
March 11, 2018
A much better sequel than "Return Of Jafar". This movie still has a number of problems like Aladdin's fathers motivations and the role they give to some of the characters they give to some of the characters we love, however its still a fairly enjoyable film.
½ January 19, 2018
One of the best direct to home viewing Disney Films to date. Robin Williams is back, and the story is worth telling. Great adventure for these characters and very underrated.
December 17, 2017
It was ok for me. I watch Aladdin 3 when I was 10 years old in summer 2008. The songs is great, The animation is ok.
October 26, 2017
Welcome Back, Robin Williams. This is great Aladdin movie ever
September 2, 2017
Aladdin is back with new friends my favorite song was out of thin air
½ September 2, 2017
I did not like the sequel sorry
August 1, 2017
You can tell that much more time was taken to produce the film, compared to it's predecessor, as it's storyline and character development are well developed! This film should have been the one and only sequel to Aladdin!
July 19, 2017
Not as good or as well made as the original but Robin Williams is actually funnier in this.
June 10, 2017
While not quite as good as the first Aladdin since it is a direct-to-DVD film with cheap animation quality, Aladdin And The King Of Thieves is a worthy successor to a great film, and it is a major improvement over The Return Of Jafar.
May 2, 2017
Now for this to be a sequel it was quite good I would say will Aladdin find his father I'm not going to say the only way to find out is to see it! But it was a silly movie
January 19, 2017
This final instalment of Aladdin felt like it was giving more effort to produce than its sequel did as there is a vast improvement on story and quality. It was great having Robin Williams back as the genie but It did feel like they had too many segments involving him. Having a story based on the 40 thieves was a great idea and the relationship between Aladdin and his father was a great way to end the franchise.
½ December 29, 2016
A lovely finale to a beautiful trilogy, this film brings to a close the adventures with Aladdin, Jasmin, Genie and company.
December 4, 2016
Not the best for a sequel to one of the greatest animated features of all time, but what saves this movie is the late Robin Williams reprising his role as the genie!
October 1, 2016
Aladdin returns in his third and final chapter, Aladdin and the King of Thieves. On the verge of marrying Princess Jasmine, Aladdin cannot help, but wonder about the future and even more so his checkered past. He wonders the most about father who is presumed to be dead and wishes he could be present to witness the ceremony. As the wedding is about to begin, he is robbed by a band of the infamous gang known as the 40 thieves. He discovers the King of Thieves was after a particular scepter. The scepter brings forth an oracle which will grant its user the answer to any one question.

Aladdin decides to use this to determine who his father is, and the adventure begins as he soon learns his father is among the thieves who just crashed his wedding. King of Thieves features a pretty good story, and has some decent songs to go along with it. The songs are well written and advance the plot and do not seem to be forced like some other films have. Robin Williams returns to voice the Genie and offers a good comedic element to the film that was sorely lacking in the previous film Return of Jafar. Linda Larkin and Scott Weinger reprise their roles as Jasmine and Aladdin respectively. The new villain is a strong and violent thug in the name of Sa'luk. He uses a bit of mischief to get Aladdin and his father into quite a bit of trouble. His menacing character design and his claw hand weapon makes him a worthy adversary. A few of the other thieves have intriguing character designs and unique abilities that were fun to watch. The lot of them put on a good song titled "Are you in or out?". The gang is focused on obtaining the hand of Midas which will turn any item into gold.

The side characters, Sultan, Apu, and carpet have lesser roles in this film as this film primarily focuses on Aladdin and his father. Jasmine and the Sultan take a back seat as well for most of it, as they are most focused on making sure the wedding happens. The film focuses on the value of family and how this is more valuable than any treasure. The animation is good enough for a straight to video picture, and is easily one of the better Disney sequels out there. Fans who are fans of the first film may want to watch it to get complete closure for the characters that were so well developed and written in the original film. The film does not come close to surpassing the original, but this not expected, and it is a better follow up than the first sequel.

July 22, 2016
Two Thumbs Up Siskel And Ebert
July 18, 2016
It's another pretty good sequel. It's much more fun than the second one and yet again a welcome return for fans of the character of Aladdin. It's the second best one in the trilogy. A movie that I enjoyed a bunch when I was younger.
½ July 11, 2016
Despite the low ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, I think Aladdin and the King of Thieves is another enjoyable Disney sequel. It has a really interesting narrative with Aladdin and Jasmine getting married, Aladdin reuniting with his father, and them building a father-son relationship. This actually leads to some decent drama. It was also great that Robin Williams came back to voice Genie, which of course leads to some decent comedy. The songs are also pretty catchy. The only downside to this film is that the animation ranges from okay to pretty crappy. But in my opinion, Aladdin and the King of Thieves is an entertaining sequel to a great Disney film. Of course it's not as good as the original movie, but for what it is, it's a fun experience
June 6, 2016
I love Aladdin, and even The Return of Jafar. But i never seen this one, but this is supossed to have Robin Williams as the Genie like that the first Aladdin. This looks impressive with the improved animation and the voices, So i hope that it will be as good as the last two,
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