Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker Reviews

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November 6, 2019
Director Geoffrey Sax, fresh from the intriguing work, White Noise, seems to stay in step with Horowitz' vision, although there are several scenes that seemed over-done in the ham department.
January 1, 2011
Teen spy hero makes leap from book to screen.
February 12, 2009
What doesn't quite work are the more overtly jokey bits.
March 1, 2007
A moderately enjoyable affair which only drags in the middle.
January 18, 2007
Jamais parece reconhecer a pouca idade de seu herói, que age como adulto (e como espião experiente) na maior parte do tempo, o que, além de tornar tudo implausível, ainda resulta num filme aborrecidamente convencional.
December 21, 2006
An instantly forgettable confection that'll bore more kids than it entertains.
November 10, 2006
Nobody wants to see a violent James Bond send-up, with a British teen risking life and limb for Jolly Olde England, matched against a toothpick chomping 'computer genius' villain played by Mickey Rourke.
November 6, 2006
This mishmash retread fails to find its own identity on any level and should head straight to cable TV where it belongs.
October 27, 2006
An entertaining popcorn movie featuring a veritable who's who of game British actors (and a trio of equally game American performers) who keep the proceedings lively even with a too-predictable plot.
October 21, 2006
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October 21, 2006
It's not much of a plot and TV veteran director Geoffrey Sax struggles with the big-screen demands of action scenes.
October 17, 2006
Stormbreaker jarringly shifts back-and-forth from real-world believability to Bond-esque suspense-of-disbelief to Boris-and-Natasha goofiness.
October 17, 2006
I forgot most of it about 20 seconds after it was over.
October 16, 2006
Even more damaging is the inescapable fact that as the allegedly dashing and charming Alex, Pettyfer is a complete washout -- he is sullen, mush-mouthed and seems to spend the entire movie in the throes of a perpetual pout.
October 15, 2006
Stormbreaker plays with, well, not complete authenticity, but more-than-expected authenticity.
October 14, 2006
The secret agent actioner Stormbreaker is definitely more James Bond for tweens than Nickelodeon fluff like Agent Cody Banks. Maybe it has something to do with the British accents.
October 14, 2006
[Rider's] squirrelly film debut amps up Horowitz's wry humor, putting silliness in unintentional competition with the film's action and dramatic elements.
October 14, 2006
Alex is a junior James Bond, but the movie takes itself too serious to be a fun kids film.
October 14, 2006
Yes, we've got brand new blond junior and grown-up Bonds this season, but the toughest task for Baby Bond could be finding an audience.
October 14, 2006
Parents or older siblings taking the kids to the movies as a family bonding experience are less likely to bond with the kids than find themselves succumbing to the urge to nap. Bring a blankie; you may need it.
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