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September 6, 2019
As Alexander, Ed Oxenbould is disarming and charming, but all is drowned out by the film's overwhelming triteness.
November 28, 2017
The frustrating thing about Alexander is not that it is a bad film. It's that what we get suggests that director Miguel Arteta could have given us so much more.
June 13, 2016
It's the rare, current kid movie made with real actors. Unfortunately, it's not remotely adult-funny. That's OK. Parents suffer. It's what they do. Go and suffer for the kids.
February 26, 2016
And while the problems had are sadly very white and upper class ones, the message is still relevant. It's also rather funny-at times.
October 8, 2015
The film may be a good way to distract kids for an hour and 20 minutes, but are any of its messages appropriate?
February 9, 2015
Alexander... etc. isn't exactly a terrible film, but it was definitely in need of a little retooling so that the events plaguing this family weren't quite so unbelievable, annoying, and on the lower end of the comic scale.
December 10, 2014
Most of the accidents that befall the Cooper clan are annoying or embarrassing and even a car accident is more about cosmetic damage to the vehicle than a passenger actually being harmed.
December 4, 2014
Alexander's day otherwise proves middling, uninspired, not great, and very pedestrian.
December 4, 2014
It's a not so terrible, not so horrible, not so good movie...
December 3, 2014
For a while, it looks as if the moral is going to be that negativity isn't all bad, which, for an American children's film, seems rather daring. Alas, the point is drowned out in a final chorus of affirmations.
October 31, 2014
... more obnoxious than charming as it translates the classic story into an age of e-vites and iPhones.
October 26, 2014
Slapstick chuckles are duly delivered, but the edgy spark with which director Miguel Arteta made his name is notable by its absence.
October 23, 2014
This frenetic kids' comedy about a ker-razy family and all the wacky mishaps that befall them is neither terrible nor horrible. It's just adequate -- a message-heavy montage of chaos and engineered hilarity.
October 23, 2014
Decidedly mediocre yet hard to hate.
October 17, 2014
Strained, obvious slapstick played at full volume by an overly energetic cast trying way too hard to sell the movie's weak gags.
October 16, 2014
Alexander aspires to be a so-so, middlebrow, okay, very bland movie, and it succeeds in spades.
October 16, 2014
I was honestly shocked to see Arteta's directing credit, after a career of edgy indie works, cutting edge television and one of the wisest adult comedies in recent years (Cedar Rapids). This is what selling out looks like. It isn't flattering.
October 13, 2014
It's a painfully minor movie that doubles as an accidental study in how pros handle themselves when given less-than-challenging material.
October 10, 2014
The story is dumb, but it is short enough to not feel too trapped taking your kids to the movies.
October 10, 2014
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad -- MOVIE.
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