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January 4, 2012
While making a great looking biopic that is filled with detail, Michal Mann forgot to make a film that entertains, creating an emotionally void, tone flat portrait of an athlete whose contribution socially and culturally has yet to be matched.
June 26, 2009
More than competently mounted, with a hollowness just discernible in its core... feels like the first draft of whatever film Michael Mann set out to make.
March 31, 2008
I respect it enormously, but it feels like an art film in search of a movie. Mann recognizes the importance of Ali as an entertainer, but he's in danger of forgetting how to be one himself.
May 14, 2003
December 8, 2002
Mann's Ali is too concerned with cramming all of the benchmarks of his career into three hours to take the time to understand the true joy and compassion of the man.
October 21, 2002
A 154-minute film that is both too much and not enough -- too much boxing, too many hours to sit, and too few connections.
October 10, 2002
Mann gets most of the basics right but doesn't quite capture Ali's soul or spiritual growth and commitment.
September 1, 2002
A clothesline rundown of Muhammed Ali's preoccupied with realism, it neglects to have a thesis.
July 12, 2002
Had a chance to be a joyous celebration of this special athlete, but for much of the running time the atmosphere was funereal.
February 28, 2002
Long, unfocused and too often plagued by the curse of the biopic.
February 26, 2002
There's great material here, but the end result plays like a highlight reel--an intriguing introduction to a man's life for people not fully acquainted with it.
February 2, 2002
The problem is that none of these very well-directed scenes manage to fit together into any kind of collective whole.
January 22, 2002
Ali is a far more complex creature than this movie allows for.
Top Critic
January 9, 2002
It is well-intentioned, sketchy, sprawling and unremarkable. At two hours and 38 minutes, it is also long-winded and exhausting.
January 8, 2002
This could be the only movie we'll get on the fighter, and it's just not good enough.
January 6, 2002
Though technically polished... it feels curiously ordinary, a word one never associates with Muhammad Ali.
January 6, 2002
It's the boxer you enjoy, not the sluggish 15 rounds the filmmakers put him through.
January 4, 2002
I wondered whether the shouts of "Get off the ropes!" were aimed at Ali or director Michael Mann, whose film spends much of its 167 minutes at risk of getting knocked out.
January 2, 2002
We see a lot of events, and hear a lot of talking, but it never seems to mean anything in terms of who these people are.
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