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June 9, 2011
Is there anything more dangerous than a girl with nothing left to lose? How about one fighting for the life (and man) she lost? This is where Sydney Bristow finds herself in the third season of Alias! The suspense is heightenend as Sydney fight to remember her past, regain her place in the CIA, and maybe even get back the love of her life, Vaughn.

stars Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, Ron Rifkin, Michael Vartan, Merrin Dungey, Carl Lumbly, Kevin Weisman and Bradley Cooper.
March 31, 2005
Well I'm pretty far into [color=red][b]Season 3 of Alias[/b].[/color] I just saw the one where Sidney and Vauhn were all gothed out in Berlin. That was awesome. I love that she couldn't find the shooter, because everyone looked the same. hehe. That cracked me up. And of course Sidney looked great. After this season is done I can safely watch Season 4. But I'll have to wait a whole week between shows. *cries* Well at least after this last DVD, my eyeballs can rest.
I have some good news & some bad news....
The Good news: I got another packet from England! *dances around* With 2 Cds, a bunch of photos and a 2 pound coin.
The Bad News: I asked someone who shall go nameless to cut my hair because it was getting too long. It was almost to my waist. And now it's all messed up. One side is way shorter then the other. (almost to my shoulders!) So I made her stop before I didn't have anymore hair. It was one of those things where she kept cutting and cutting trying to even it out!
½ February 18, 2005
I have to edit my opinion... ;o)
After the first episodes of season 3 I thought it would be getting better and better, but now after the finale... it wasn't that great. The twists are still great (as now in the finale), but the plot in the episodes overall is always the same...

[size=1]Old rating:
Alias - Season 1 - 7
Alias - Season 2 - 8
Alias - Season 3 - 9[/size]
February 7, 2005
We finally finished the first three seasons of Alias!
And I am just as confused about some things as ever.
Are they gonna have more Rombaldi stuff in season 4?
What the heck is on those papers sydnay was looking at in the last scene?

January 6, 2005
Harry and I watched After The Sunset today. It was quite an entertaining movie. Not much of an action movie, more a comedy.
I'd say it is something different from my movie choices and after seeing Alexander four times, this was something complete different. The pacing could have been faster at some point and W. Harrelson is not on my favourite actors list, despite that I enjoyed that movie....

In the moring I finished watching Alias Season 3 and I have to say this was the best Alias Season out of the three. A lot of unexpected turns and twist and well there's Jennifer Garner:) I'm looking forward to Season 4 and I have a feeling I'll not be disappointed... At some points I couldn't stop watching the episodes because there was so much excitment in it and of course the episode ends made me curious about the following I only took maybe some days to watch the complete Season :)
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