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May 1, 2017
I saw this movie I did not think it was the best it could have done better it was not a funny movie. I Allison Wonderland movie in 1951 was better and more funny. I only like the white rabbit he was interesting
January 27, 2016
I saw this movie I did not think it was the best movie it could have been better it was not a funny movie. The Alice in wonderland in 1951 was better and was funny. I only liked the white rabbit he was interesting
July 10, 2010
So far this is my favorite of the live-action adaptations of the Carroll stories that I've seen. The set design and costumes were well done. This also covers more of the two stories (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass) than any of the Alice films I've seen. It's pretty literal for the parts it does adapt and I could follow along in the book but sometimes it took me awhile to figure out how far ahead they jumped as they obviously weren't going to do the whole story.

The acting is inconsistent and Burton as Alice is poor casting choice. She's far too old to play Alice and doesn't seem to remember well enough what it's like to be a child to respond with the correct mannerisms. She comes across as an irritable adult Alice that's suspending disbelief about a fantasy she's having. The movie managed to keep my interest though it had to work at it. As I watched it this particular adaptation grew on me. While I appreciated what they managed to do in the live action format my rating reveals what I expect will be the natural limit of live-action adaptations for these stories. Live-action is just not suited to be the most faithful visual representation of a world filled with oddities.

Note: This is the 6th Alice adaptation I've seen of 20 known adaptations. See blog for more details.
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