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A group of adventurers exploring an underground cavern come across a mysterious rock that it turns out houses creatures with the power to destroy all of mankind. Soon this ragtag crew are the last line of defense for the entire human race.
Art House & International , Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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I actually liked it. It doesn't have any real similarities to Alien and doesn't hold up to the official sequel 'Aliens', but it has some nice scary scenes and some nice gory effects and a decent but questionable ending. The film did seem a bit similar to 'The Thing' but this was actually made before that film came out. It's not perfect but I enjoyed it a lot and the music is nice.

Wes Shad
Wes Shad

Saturday morning I got a phone call that my delivery has arrived all the way from someone's basement company, Midnight Legacy of course sent it all the way to Japan so I could view it. But my delivery was at the city and they can't send it here. *I risked the Heat *I risked the crowds *It risked the traffic It stared to rain but it was all worth it when I walked throw my front door and opened it while doing work. What am I talking about of course? Alien 2 Sulla Terra... [IMG][/IMG] My brother wanted to watch it right away but I had people coming over so I saved it till then...All that effort I put into work and going to collect my new Blue Ray for this Ultra gory classic might have just mad my month. When a manned NASA space mission returns from orbit sans crew the world is stunned, but telepathic speleologist Thelma (BelindaMayne) senses that something far worse is on the horizon - something to do with strange blue rocks that have begun showing up all over. Thelma puts her fears aside to lead a spelunking expedition in the American southwest, but is forced to confront them head-on when the rocks begin sprouting meaty alien monsters with a penchant for human destruction... Those of you convinced that Luigi Cozzi's Contamination, in which throbbing alien eggs that make people explode are sent around the world by the possessed owner of a coffee plantation, is the strangest of the gory Italian knock-offs of Ridley Scott's Alien should think again, as Ciro Ippolito's obscure 1980 effort Alien 2: On Earth definitely holds its own in the oddball department. I apologize for my unabashed adoration of this one in advance - it's just hard for this reviewer to hate any film that tries so hard to tie a failed space mission, ominous rocks, telepathy, caving, apocalyptic doom-and-gloom and bowling together, even if the end results are a little suspect. [IMG][/IMG] Made on the cheap and shot largely on location in and around San Diego, Alien 2's title implies more connection with the Scott film than actually exists - indeed, its narrative owes more to the science fiction of the past than anything contemporary. The idea of malignant rocks harboring extraterrestrial threats recalls The Monolith Monsters, Quatermass II and The Outer Limits' Corpus Earthling, while the doom-heavy climax evokes the nihilistic conclusion of Goke: Body Snatcher from Hell. Throw in the concept of telepathy, a load of footage from NASA's Apollo program and a dread fascination with bowling alleys and you end up with a film that, aside from the title and the presence of space-monsters, bares very little resemblance to its inspiration at all. [IMG][/IMG] That's just fine by me, as Alien 2 is far more interesting (if far less coherent) for the trouble. Writer and director Ippolito (who appears in the film as a television news director) spends the first half and more of Alien 2 trying to ratchet up the unease through a series of odd and tenuously connected circumstances - a failed space mission, the appearance of strange pulsing rocks, and Thelma's visions of a monster-filled world. The effort works, to an extent, but is waylaid early and often by all the oddball drama (including a gratuitous scene of bowling and lots of pseudo-comedic banter) and rampant ambiguity. Typical is a scene in which Thelma heads to a beach, calls out to a man on a boat, stands by while he rows to shore, has a hurried conversation with him about imaginary monsters and psychological problems, and leaves. The scene is so unfocused that the point (Thelma's admission that she feels alone in a world of monsters), along with its potentially interesting psychological ramifications, is minimized, lost in all the filler. [IMG][/IMG] The film eventually departs sunny San Diego, pushing Thelma and her crew out into the (suspiciously wet) desert cave in which most of Alien 2's action takes place. When a young Michele Soavi (here in what looks to be his first major film role) gifts the expedition leader a strange blue rock the audience knows the fun is about to begin. It's as transparent setup as any I can think of (gather a bunch of people in a dark, creepy place and throw monsters at them until few, if any, survive), but I love it all the same. Here patience with the incongruous early drama is soundly rewarded, and Ippolito finally dishes out the bloody goods. Of these just one appears directly inspired by Alien, and features one of the monsters (they look like meaty sock puppets) erupting from within an unfortunate victim's eye socket (a great setup that, like several others, is entirely spoiled in the show-all theatrical trailer). From here viewers are rocketed into a 20-minute cavalcade of human destruction, in which explorer after explorer wanders off towards certain alien dismemberment. None of the attacks are terribly convincing, but it's all good bloody fun bolstered by a healthy dose of weirdness. My favorite bit has Thelma wielding her dubious psychic powers, staring into the eyes of a possessed comrade until his head explodes! It plays as a premonitory nod to Cronenberg's bizarre classic Scanners, which wouldn't see release until the following year. More so than any of the over-the-top violence, the quirks of Alien 2 are what have earned it a special place in this reviewer's heart. As far as I'm concerned this is a B-movie goldmine, complete with oddball diversions into supernatural territory (Thelma's eyes suddenly glow green in one scene, as she tries to communicate with a fellow explorer), shameless plot contrivances (a sprained ankle that's forgotten as soon as its duties to the immediate plot are served), and yes, that inexplicable obsession with bowling (aside from the early dramatic scene, Alien 2 revisits the bowling alley on less friendly terms for its creepy conclusion). There's even a gratuitous flying rat, a go-to gag in Italian horror cinema and the only scare of the film that had me jumping. It's a pity that Alien 2 has been such a rarely seen commodity up until now, and its IMDB entry stands as proof positive of its obscurity - the film has fewer than 300 votes as of this writing. I'd say that just makes this under appreciated slice of Euro-schlock all the riper for rediscovery. My unfettered enthusiasm for Alien 2 may not make much sense, but neither does the film itself, and that's all the silly sub-logic I need to lend it my recommendation. Who would have thought that a low-budget Alien cash-in more than thirty years old could look so good. My DVD is living proof that these kinds of films are making a comeback onto DVD and Blue ray. Keiko's score 89-100

Keiko  Aya
Keiko Aya

Super Reviewer

In the realm of unofficial Italian sequels to American films there is what I consider the holy, or perhaps better described as unholy, trinity of films. The first and most popular is of course "Troll 2" which in itself has become a huge cult favorite here in the States as of recent and desirably so as it is delightfully absurd. The second is Bruno Mattei's "Terminator II: Shocking Dark" which has yet to get a stateside release. The third is the 1980 film "Alien 2: On Earth", a so-called follow-up to Ridley Scott's groundbreaking film "Alien" and until recently was the most hard to come by of the three as it only got a VHS release in only a handful of countries. Now thanks to Midnight Legacy we fans of cult cinema can finally get to see this obscure film which most cult fans knew about but rarely have seen. Well after finally seeing this hard to come by picture it's easy to see why it was so damn obscure and hard to get as it is fucking terrible, and not in the likable "Troll 2" fashion. Despite its title the plot has nothing to do with Ridley Scott's "Alien." That masterpiece was a futuristic space film where this puddle of alien piss takes place in modern 1980 and thanks to our subtitle we know it takes place on Earth. The clunky, stock footage filled introduction tells us, very clumsily, that a space capsule is on its way back to earth. It seems to have carried an Alien rock with it which somehow falls into the hands of a group of cave explorers. The explorers bring the rock into a cave their exploring only to have the rock "hatch" unleashing a monster that starts killing them off one-by-one. The narrative of the plot is appalling. It's sloppy and confusing and most audiences will be lost within the first 15 minutes on what the fuck is going on. The abundance of muddy looking stock footage and long drawn out boring sequences of characters walking, driving and pointlessly talking only serve to confuse and put the audience to sleep. The worst sequence has to be when our explorer group get prepped for their exploration by going bowling which just drags on and on and on. To go along with the detestable plot narrative is a plethora of plot holes and aspects that are never explained. Where did the astronaut crew pick up the "alien" rocks. Why does our head cave explorer suddenly have psychic abilities (and why didn't she see the alien onslaught coming?). Why does the alien eat off people's faces only later to have their faces be intact? Why the hell did the director think this film deserved to hold the "Alien" title? Why the hell was this movie ever made? To go along with the poor plot we get loathsome directing which is amateurish at best. I guess it matches the director's writing as director Ciro Ippolito, hiding under the pseudonym of Sam Cromwell, is guilty for both credits. The Alien itself is another point to bring up as it the special effects are shoddy and the alien is rarely shown. Most of the time we are given an Alien POV shot which looks like we're looking through the alien's asshole. I am fan of bad Italian films and it pains me to say that "Alien 2: On Earth" is a complete waste of time. I can't think of one measly aspect to praise the film about as nothing, absolutely nothing is good about it. It's not even good by bad Italian movie standards. Everything from the score to the effects to the plot is downright atrocious. Atrocious, now that's good word to sum up this film. As a matter of fact they should have called this film "Atrocious". The films only novelty is its title and curious film goers like me are bound to pick it up but trust me when I say that this is the WORST "Alien" rip-off I have ever scene... and I've seen a lot. If you want a bad yet insanely entertaining Italian "Alien" rip-off then hunt down Luigi Cozzi's "Contamination". Now that's a bad film that deserved the title "Alien 2."

Eric Reifschneider
Eric Reifschneider

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