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December 19, 2013
I found this film brilliant. I was unsure in the beginning, it is obviously lower budget, but wow! It would have made a better book, I think. This is more psychological and spiritual than action-based.
July 12, 2013
A nice view of our planet from another world's point of view. It holds the mirror up to in a gentle way letting me see a view of how we treat the earth and how that translates to how we treat each other. I like the answer that she gave when he kept asking "where are we?" after they hopped from one placed on the globe to the next, "the same place, Earth".
½ April 1, 2013
This is a very intelligent dialog. you have to watch twice to really understand the effect. spoiler alert...
what most come off as preachy environmentalism is not. It mostly has to do with her own drama that she was left on a planet considered to be the backwater of the universe by most space cultures. we are instantly defensive about this which makes this appear to seem like something else is going on instead of something deeper.
she is more upset than she seems because she felt she was abandoned by her people till she comes to understand the man. The same goes for him. It is a classic drama that we come from two points of view and perspectives and their initial encounter does not go well. they both do and say things that they wish they could change. after their initial parting and they both go off and have time to think things out. like most they want to go back and do and say something different but our own arrogance and adhesion to our point of view gets in the way. after time we learn to let go and see the goodness in the events instead of the negative. then you find out she has the ability to go back and change the way things happened. she returns in the past to change her path with him. she is resigned she is probably stuck there forever. that self realization allows her to change her behaviors and he in turn his. like two marooned people on an island they eventually deal with their issues and can let go of the past and start on the future. this is short lived when her people come back for her. she then disappears before they can truly say good bye. both are changed forever.
what seems like a very bland performance has tons of undertones. and i dont think a lot of people appreciated them. i did. it is what makes you really think deeply about the movie not just what seems like surface events but a lot deeper. i think the director did a great job not using much emotion. the silence allows you to do more than make a single point. it should make you think a little differently. we mostly have a fixed point of view and that is the basis we use when over events happen around us. this shows us that we could be more open to initial experiences and not rely on our point of view so rigidly. change would be more easier if we looked at it this way. her flippant unemotional performance was not bad acting but came from a more calm and flexible way to perceive our surroundings.
to point out the conservation message, we all know things are not right and perfect in the world, nor can they truly be a utopia. but, we cannot just keep putting our heads in the sand. eventually things will catch up to us and we will have to pay for what we have done to the planet. we change the face of our planet without thinking we are doing any damage. you cant constantly leave a mess in your house and not clean up without eventually destroying it.
my other opinions... as we ask ourselves what can i do, i am just one person i cant make a difference when millions dont try either. it is true, but we can always do more than we think, we must try. not just for our sake, but for our children and their generations to follow. it is time for humanity to look beyond our mere selves and our immediate lives. it is time we look to the future. we cannot hope to progress if we say we cannot do it. we must eventually take responsibility for our own actions. the past is the past and make a clean break to fix the future. we must take it upon ourselves to do better. if not then maybe it is time for our species to hang it up. i dont believe so. humanity has a lot to offer. we must work and strive through tough times without loosing our vision. it takes work and determination and cannot be done sitting down. we cant be afraid to try something and fail. we learn and try better the next time. that is how we survive. that is how we have evolved. we can no longer let our impulses and urges govern and let our minds be an equal partner. we owe it to those who came before us, striving to make a better life and society for all. it is time to take that dream further. it is our time. we must change our behavior and move forward together.
March 29, 2013
I enjoyed the film....she reminded me of a girl I once knew.... unfathomable beauty, amazing mind, I never knew what she was thinking.
January 11, 2013
If you are an open-minded person who enjoys discovering art that speaks of truths rather than contrived attempts to publicize individual thought (see 99% of everything made) you'll find this to be an enjoyable puzzle of a film. Its strength is internal and it rests heavy-hearted on its strong core, but ultimately fails to finess and massage the surrounding movie-tissue. The result is a pretty tacky cinematic experience. At one point near the end "The Man" starts joyously dancing around like the love child of Rich Beem and an Emu (*Note: youtube search "Rich Beem dance"). The actress playing "She" is fair enough, while the actor playing "The Man" is pretty distracting with his acting chops dangling before viewers like a lonely tetherball. Still, a plausible screen energy between the two is rather easy to find (unless your a backwards jackass) since the message is so beautifully conceived and positively put on display. Other aspects of the film really just lack and stink up the noxious gas around the solid core. The music is mostly unoffensive and at times "Hallmarky" and prudish. The beautiful images and simplistic beauty of Australia captured in the cinematography could have been made more poignant with some added production value. It's movies like this that inspire artists. This isn't a failure, nor is it a good movie. Yet, I perpetually recommend movies like this for people who want to deeply examine the "truth of existence" AND for people who simply aim to riff a "cheesy" film with friends. It was made for all the right reasons from the moment a seed of thought was germinated until completion.
July 28, 2012
This is a great movie about life and love
July 28, 2012
This movie, produced long before the Zeitgeist Movement, should still be considered a Zeitgeist Movement movie. It has the same sensibility and rationality, even if it is Science Fiction, more or less. But of course, the concepts proposed by the Zeitgeist Movement and Venus Project, even if they are technologically possible right now, are still science fiction as long as the required paradigm shift has not occurred in the population of the planet. But it will, and this will become a beloved movie in that future.
July 28, 2012
I just saw this movie on IFC channel. It was very well done. It is a romance, a sci-fi, and makes an environmental statement. I found it made me think about a lot of issues from a different point of view. If you like a movie that makes you think this is a great movie.
July 28, 2012
Great movie. If you are very educated person with open mind without rigid, automatic thinking and you can think out of the box you will love this movie.
If you aren't then this movie will be a harsh attack on your ego and the illusional personality it created. You will hate it...
As shown in the movie such identification/attachment to illusionary mental concepts of religion, ideology, status, wealth, race, nationality, country and other similiar is caused by a lack of control over one's mind. Identifications with such fleeting mental concepts are only possible when a person's mind is not open and has become very rigid. Such identifications/attachments have proved to be extremely dangerous and destructive to all life on this planet. The madness of human mind can be clearly seen on global scale. What has been happening around the world is a direct projection of all individual minds of all people. The history of human kind is a history of mental illness. If you look at the history of human kind using medical criteria you would come up with a diagnosis of severely psychopathic mental disorder. As explained in the movie, considering the current state of life on our planet projection of such mental attitude is no longer acceptable...
July 28, 2012
Its a little weird at times, but I enjoyed it.
February 20, 2010
seems all too familiar like say day the earth stood still
½ February 2, 2010
Good Down to Earth Sci Fi Story with no Bells and Whistles! Making the rounds on IFC if you want to catch it!
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