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May 23, 2017
'Alien 3' needs to earn credit for trying something so radically different from the previous entries with stunning visuals from David Fincher, and the genuine sense of dread that none of the protagonists may survive.
May 23, 2017
Knowing the production history, it is unsurprising that there are some issues with the way this movie is cut together. However, watching the assembly cut I was surprised by how much I found myself absorbed in this bleak world and how much I cared for its lonely inhabitants.
May 22, 2017
I consider the first 3 Alien instalments as the original classics and a must watch for any Die-Hard Sci-Fi fan.
May 21, 2017
Alien3 is not as bad as most remember it to be. It's clear that Fincher was trying to bring the series from the bombastic action of Aliens back down to the bleak and frightening roots of the first entry. While this is admirable it unfortunately doesn't really pay off. The real villain of Alien3 is not the dreaded xenomorph but rather the choppy script and some over reliance on early CGI that leaves the film feeling dated rather than timeless.
May 20, 2017
I always liked this more than most critics did. The 30 minute extended version really adds too it and helps put it on par with the earlier movies. Fincher manages to create a different style and mood and a worthy addition to the series.
May 18, 2017
Like a vintage wine, it got better with age.
May 18, 2017
Whenever I think of Alien 3, I remember that easily forgettable auburn paletted movie with the atrocious VFX xenomorph shots and the tacky POV cam.
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½ May 18, 2017
(Special Edition - Assembly Cut 2003)

Alien 3 is one of those situations where the quality of the film we got is no one and everyone's fault. With a young and inexperienced David Fincher, an actress making demands, a script that was being written on the fly, and a less than compromising studio, Alien 3 is about as disappointing of an end to a trilogy as I can remember.

Alien and Aliens are two entirely different films that provide tension in different ways. Alien relies on our fear of the unknown, while Aliens is a relentless action film that never lets down its guard. Alien 3 once again changes up the formula, but is inferior in every way. Slow, brooding, and lacking any excitement or tension provided from the first two makes this film only watchable because of Ellen Ripley. But even that feels tarnished due to Sigourney Weaver demanding Ripley to not hold any guns, which in turn meant the entire prison she's trapped in seem illogical. Let me get this straight, we're on a prison filled with murderers and rapists, and the guards don't have any weapons to use if things go bad?

But really the problem with Alien 3 is just that there were way too many cooks in the kitchen. It seems like everyone involved had their own agenda and vision for how the story should pan out. What we got was a messy script, an uneven tone, and unfinished CGI/visual effects. Not to mention the fact that some of our favorite characters from Aliens were swept away to either glorified cameos or killed off unceremoniously. The entire production of this film was an absolute disaster. Sadly, it's hard not to think of how this film impacts some people's viewings of the first two masterpieces.

There's always something to be said for taking a film series in a new direction, and Alien 3 attempts to do that with Ripley's unique relationship to the Xenomorph. But if you're going to do that, don't compromise the story or tarnish the spirit of the films that came before just to get what you want out of a threequel. In my mind, this series ends after Alien and Aliens, and begins with Prometheus. Including Alien 3 and Resurrection in the discussion is off the table. Heck, David Fincher himself has disowned the film that he directed.

+The attempt at changing the feel of the third film


-Poorly written

-Too many cooks in the kitchen

May 17, 2017
They Fucked up with this one lol
May 17, 2017
The first time I have seen this since its initial run at the cinema. It ended the saga brilliantly and is still a decent film. The franchise should have ended directly after it. David Fincher's debut film my favourite shot from the entire series.
May 17, 2017
Alien 3 is difficult to review, just due to how many mixed and confused emotions come up. While some parts are genuinely entertaining, the majority is not what fans of the first two films want whatsoever. In the first five minutes of the film, it spits in the face of people that enjoyed Aliens, and for the most part, the movie lacks the thrill and excitement of its predecessors. While I would say it's worth a watch if you want to close out the initial Alien story, it is overall just very disappointing.
½ May 15, 2017
How do you make things rougher for the toughest bitch in the galaxy? She fought one Alien, that was bad enough. Then she fought a shit ton of Aliens, that was insane. Well what if we put her a prison full of murderers and rapists oh and a killer Alien. One that can move much faster and is even more deadly. Well I was definitely all in January 1st 1992. I saw the first two on VHS and the 14 year old me scared to death by Alien and blown away by Aliens, was naturally quite excited to see the completion of the trilogy, at least what we thought would be a trilogy, on the big screen. David Fincher made his debut here and since then has distanced himself from the series, due to the difficulties he had with the studio while making the picture. In fact, he was the only Director not participate in the Special Edition upgrades in 2003 for all 4 films. So they assembled it without him. Which brings us to Alien3: The Assembly Cut(previous sentence: pun intended). This version is much better and I enjoyed the movie much more, this time around. It's much darker and ups the gore factor. Also gives the prisoners a bit more depth. Having not seen it in nearly 20 years, it was like seeing a brand new Alien movie. Still, disappointment remains. Why kill Hicks, Newt, and Bishop after going thru all that trouble to save them? So it goes like this Alien3 Theatrical Cut: 2 stars Assembly Cut: 3 1/2
May 14, 2017
The problem of this movie is that I went in a totally unexpected direction after the first too. Suddenly you had this strange prison full of criminals and hideous supervisors, previous characters except Ripley were thrown away and the whole atmosphere got rather unnsettling. The question is - wouldn't it be worse to just imitate the Aliens?

Alien 3 is a gritty with solid acting quality is there and the setting that does have its own undeniable flavor to it. There is a love-hate relationship with this movie for most of people, for some even both.

You should definitely watch extended cut at least. If you keep an open mind and don't fanboy over Aliens too much, it's a nice stand alone movie to watch.
May 13, 2017
Despite Finchers complete disownment of the film, Alien 3 is still no doubt a Fincher film. While it has aged horrifically, it's well made and offers seductive themes about religion and human nature.
Grade: B+
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May 11, 2017
An ok sequel but didn't really need to be made, After Aliens set the bar high it was near impossible to even reach it so they decided to go back to its roots only this time it didn't feel as special, I didn't mind the cast but their deaths were predictable, A few twists and a few ok tense moments help things but it has to go down as quite the disappointment compared to the previous two.
May 10, 2017
A huge step down from the glory of the original Alien films, Alien3 offers an overall enjoyable viewing experience for fans, while letting the sci-fi elements, layered story-telling, and thought-provoking themes of the first two fall to the wayside, making this outing feel mote like a B monster movie than a science fiction film.
May 8, 2017
Even with David Fincher's stylish and fluid direction, Giger's new designs and a promising set up, this 3rd installment fails to provide an equally satisfying and almost perfect experience the previous films delivered, with a lack of development in both, characters and story, making this a disappointingly "Ok" entry in the franchise.
April 28, 2017
I actually prefer this film over the first 2, shocking to hear but here is why and my score is based off the Assembly Cut. The Alien franchise is not supposed to be one happily ever after kind of story, its supposed to be pessimistic and mean spirited which this film captures magnificently. You're not meant to like the convicts, they are meant to be servicable to the harsh reality tone of the film. Also people need to get over Newt and Hicks dying, they weren't even that interesting of characters. Killing them off in the beginning was the only logical thing to do and shows that no one walks away unscathed. Which further fuels the HP Lovecraft inspiration in these movies, everyone meets with a horrible fate. David Fincher does a really great job directing this film and really captures the feeling of isolation, atmosphere, and terror that was missing in Aliens. Its a shame he continues to disown it to this day. But anyway, Alien 3 is very underrated and should be given more credit than butthurt fans are willing to admit just because the scriptwriters decided to take the story into another direction. Sigourney Weaver looks good with a shaved head in my opinion.
April 27, 2017
Alien 3 (1992) Review

The Good
Sigourney Weaver as Ripley is still a badass like always. Like she tells a Convicted Rapist to Fuck Off. Sinces she's the only woman on this Prison Planet.

Charles Dance is good

Charles S. Dutton is good

The Prison Planet and the Atmosphere is good

The Ox-Xenomorph (Not a Dog anymore) is cool

The Giant Fan Kill Scene is great.

The Atmosphere is Darker more Fantastical

The Score is good

I like how there was Lice on Ripley when she's found and Lice on the Ox to show they both have The Xenomroph in them.

The Scene where The Prisoners try to Rape Ripley but she fights back, the Editing and Direction is great.

The Assembly Cut puts in all of Duttons characters Gos Like Speech's which brings Balance of hope into the film something the Theater version doesnt .

The Bad
A lot of thing like this movie went through Development Hell and so many changes. Like the first teaser tells you were gonna be in Earth and yet the movie doesn't take place on Earth. There were so many cooks in the Kitchen.

The Theater Version has some really bad ADR like its terrible its fixed up in the Assembly Cut.

The Alien Egg being in the Ship is retarded
1. The Queen couldn't have laid it there
2. Its mainly there cause we have to have a Alien there somehow. Especially how the fuck is there 2.

The Movie Makes Ripley a L.T. which is FAlSE she never was cause in Aliens she's removed from her ranking. Just shows The people who used to work at Fox probably dumb Tom Rothman doesn't know his it about anything of The Alien franchise.

Newt and Hicks being killed off is RETARDED
Like you are get to love these 2 characters in Aliens and then in Alien 3 their just fucking dead.

Lawrence Hendrickson as Bishop is wasted

The CGI is Terrible like Color Correction, speed
The Close up on the Xeno is great but wide Shot looks like ass

The same exact POV shot used over and over.

The Random waking up from Sex Scene is Stupid

The Xenomorph being there feels forced cause its a completely different film when the Alien is there

You don't know how the Random Passage of time

The Scene where Duttons character wants Ripley to lead, then 10 minutes later questions her ability to lead.

The Pacing is terrible the theater version
The Assembly Cut its better

The Ending in the Theater Version with the Chest Burster popping out of Ripley is terrible cause they wanted to operate on her to try and gftit out but showing that happen shows she was fucked anyway. Now in the Assembly cut she just falls in with a
Her arms out like a Cross which I liked cause this was supposed to end the trilogy not in a great way but its thew way we got.
Sadly we got another one.

Overall: The Assembly Cut is better than the Actual Theateraltical Cut of the movie this movie has a lot of problems but it's no where near the Abomination of Resurrection. Still would of wished to see Fincher's 3 Hour Corey Version, cause Fincher wanted a human Film.

Overall Grade Theater Version: C

Overall Grade Assembly Cut: C+
April 27, 2017
Not nearly as good as the first two as it lacks charisma but still pretty entertaining. Missing alot of elements and is less intense with a dense predicable storyline. Still nonetheless it's not a complete failure but it was truly over shadowed by the first two missing that shock value along with a less than amusing finale. Only hardcore Alien fans can appreciate this installment while others may not be as warm and forgiving like myself.
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