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½ December 22, 2013
Single worst movie I have ever seen. There is a fight scene about half-way through, which dwarfs even the worst of all bad-horror-flick murder scenes with its absurdity, its lack of creativity, and its profound stupidity. It was so bad, I feel physically bad having watched up to that point. I had to turn it off. Gave it 1 star on Netflix, and would have given it 0.0001 stars if I could have. Absolutely awful. Do not waste your time on this garbage.
December 21, 2013
One line summary: This was one of the poorest indie films I've seen from the UK.
One star of five. Black holes for acting, screenplay, SFX


The main characters are Carrie and Michael (just met, but getting along well), Robin and Dana, who have just become engaged, and Vincent, who has just broken up with his girlfriend.

After a bender at a local club, the five of them get together the next morning. The electric is out, their telephones are off, both cell and land line, the AM and FM radio stations are down. The military has claimed and drained all local petrol, almost all shops are closed. There are alien somethings all around.

Two military men with a bazooka take down an alien. An old crazy with a gun challenges the same military, who proceed to kill him. He fires as well, as he goes down, and kills Robin. Michael talks the military into giving them a lift (they are corporals, he had been a lieutenant). They contact George, who has some good intel from his old days at area 51. They find that there are alien imposters among them. They identify Carrie as one of them. Things get testy after that. Even worse, the real people turn on each other.

Will anyone from the beginning survive? How about the human race?


Cinematography: 4/10 There was way too much shaky camera work.

Sound: 8/10 OK, though sound levels get out of bounds now and then.

Acting: 1/10 Jeez, terrible. JC van Damme was by far the best, but he did not have all that many lines.

Screenplay: 2/10 Showed early promise, then went down hill. Badly.

SFX: 0/10 Bad, terrible, looks poor as in 1970s poor.
½ April 22, 2012
Take the Nostromo from Alien, the marines from Aliens, and the prison planet from Alien 3... And you've got the first seven minutes of the movie. it's too obvious to be considered a rip-off. If you can tolerate low-budget military sci-fi, this may be worth a look into.
½ April 17, 2010
Wow! How terrible can a movie be?
February 17, 2010
Wow, I didn't think you could just take another movie's total concept and make it into another movie......O wait...never mind....Anywho, this is 'Aliens' but I wouldn't call it a poor man's version. It is far less than that. Not even a B movie, more like a k or so. One plus, the monster doesn't look that bad at times. Too bad the dialogue, story and acting get in the way.
½ November 19, 2009
Starts off interestingly enough with an homage to Alien, but the characters are stock and boring, the action is poorly shot, and the whole movie is terribly lit.
½ November 17, 2009
If you love Sci-Fi flicks then you must check out Alien Uprising. With intertwining themes similar to Alien and Total Recall, this film is definitely going to keep you wanting more. The film is full of great suspense and action. I must say, the special effects were not too shabby for an independent film. I would recommend checking out this film asap!!!
½ September 4, 2009
Written by Joshua James and Ralph Boswell. Unashamedly influenced by Bruno Mattei's Zombi: La creazione (Zombies: The Beginning).

Rove 12 is a planet which is home to a maximum security prison. After contact has been lost with Rove 12, a spacecraft full of low-budget marines along with a representative of the "company" are sent to investigate. Upon investigation, the marines, led by a sturdy but pleasantly attractive female, Lt. Dunn, encounter a handful of uncaged prisoners and an empty-warehouse skirmish ensues. Meanwhile, the white-collared "company" representative is attempting to stabilize the planet's power source. The whole planet's future is being threatened. If the power source is not stabilized, the planet will explode and its debris will shoot towards a jump gate, or something, and destroy it.

Shortly thereafter, it is clear that there is something within the prison complex which even the prisoners are afraid of. Mattei's effort used zombies as the main antagonists but the writers of Alien Uprising have ventured away from their source of influence and created an alien creature to terrorize Rove 12. The alien is formidable and ruthless, even against plasma rifles. All hope seems to be lost for the prisoners and the marines so they decide to band together and escape the planet.

I can't remember the next part. I just remember the marines using motion detectors and I remember seeing lots of flaky wire-frame computer graphics. Within this dark period of the movie, I do remember the Lt. and her next in charge, another female, embracing and proceeding to French kiss each other. A pleasant surprise. However, the Sgt is captured by the alien. Her girlfriend, Lt. Dunn, tells the rest of the survivors (people have died but I couldn't be bothered to mention it) if she doesn't return in 20 minutes they have to leave without her. Lt. Dunn, very Dr. Sharon Dimao-like, locks and loads, pushes out her chest, and attempts to save her girlfriend. She enters the alien's nest and finds her girlfriend naked and unconscious but seemingly unharmed.

"The alien is behind you!"

Lt. Dunn pops a grenade in the alien's mouth and the explosion completely removes its head. Lt. Dunn carries her loved one back to their spacecraft. Meanwhile, with the help of wire-frame graphics, the alien regenerates its whole head.

The company guy is dead, the alien is dead. The survivors decide to head for an uncharted planet. After their awesome space jump, Sgt. French Kiss is in sick bay and her condition seems to be stable. A scene or two later, her lover, Lt. Dunn, pays her a visit but Sgt. French Kiss starts to scream, but I'm not sure if it because she realises she is pregnant or that she has been raped by an alien. I think both are worthy of a scream. She screams and screams. Finito, it ends on a bombshell, forcing the audience to beg for more.
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