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½ July 9, 2017
Alienator is one of the most awful and boring pieces of trash cinema you're ever likely to come across. The only thing clever or interesting about the movie is the title. Genre veterans John Phillip Law and Joe Pilato pop up in it, as well as Airwolf star Jan-Michael Vincent, but the story and the film itself are a test of patience if nothing else. It basically boils down to this: an alien, who is about to be executed, gets away and finds himself on Earth. Pursuing him is an alien woman out to destroy him. He comes into contact with a local sheriff and some teenagers and things just go bad for everyone. It doesn't help much that the characters are two-dimensional and spout some of the most dreadful dialogue ever, but the pace of the movie is just slow and sleep-inducing. It's a good thing I was sitting up or I would have fallen asleep on it for sure. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, unless you want to go to sleep, then it will do you some good.
December 11, 2014
One of the kings of intensive B-movie production, Fred Olen Ray attempted to cash-in on both Alien and the Terminator in one single movie, and the end result is this this pretty bad, yet still perfectly watchable sci-fi action/horror. The opening prologue set on a space prison (and clearly filmed in a disused industrial unit on the outskirts of Hollywood) offers maybe the most fun part of the whole movie with the cheap sets and the ridiculous costumes, the female character with two big holes in her top is especially comedic; but then again I doubt is this was ever intended to be taken in the slightest bit seriously. The alienator herself is a daft looking cyborg that appears to be made up of bits and pieces raided from a prop department and cack handedly put together in a few hours. Fans of low-rent 80's cheese should give this a go as it isn't overly dull, or that badly made that it becomes unenjoyable to watch, but everyone else should stick to the films this wants to imitate.
November 26, 2014
B-movie. In its finest glory, the '80s. Bad acting. Ripped sound effects. Ripped weaponry (lightsaber / laser pistol)...subpar plot. Dragged out storyline. Just really cheesy but not horribly boring. But there was an attempt to separate all the people who look like humans away from each other by their clothing, to separate the different alien species, even if everyone was basically white...
November 16, 2014
"What kind of accent is that? Are you French?" Scintillating dialogue like that dominates this Fred Olen Ray schlock about battling aliens, ALA Star Wars, who's battle finds it's way to modern day earth. It may have been kind of fun to do a fish-out-of-water sci-fi comedy about aliens battling in our world, but this film was overly serious and comes off as just dumb. This film made me appreciate the tone of Full Moon Pictures video of this same era, which were better able to balance no being overly serious but at the same not not becoming overly self mocking. I do like Jan-Michael Vincent a lot, so I do enjoy seeing him in anything. I really do agree with Vincent that if he'd died after just making three films ("The Big Wednesday" "The Mechanic" and "Buster and Billie") he would have been remembered as another James Dean. It's a pompous statement, but think he may have been right because he was fantastic in his early days before he ruined himself and his career with drugs and alcohol. This film also features John Phillip Law, Ross Hagen, P.J. Soles and Joseph Pilato.
September 23, 2014
Como su título, esta horrible película clase B parece el engendro mutante de dos películas: Jan-Michel Vincent es el guardián de una prisión extraterrestre que envía a una amazona androide (Teagan) para que capture a un fugitivo (Ross Hagen). Todo esto es una disculpa para malas actuaciones, violencia y sexo gratuito.
May 4, 2014
this movie is so bad you have to watch it, its funnier than most comedies and that's no joke
Super Reviewer
November 29, 2013
I need to see this NOW.
½ August 23, 2011
One of those "so horrible its good" movies
February 23, 2011
The star actor is comically drunk the whole time (not on purpose). So bad its good category.
½ February 13, 2011
truly truly bad movie.. must see!
½ October 11, 2010
?That s**t should definitely have killed it? Benny ? Jesse Dabson

Whenever I criticise a low budget Independent film like this, I get a lot of hassle as if my sole argument is that the film didn?t have a large budget. I?m going to get this out of the way now; a film?s budget is not a legitimate quality of a film that can be criticised. I can however, comment on just how bad a film genuinely is. I found Alienator as a VHS in a Charity Shop, unopened. When I eventually decided to watch it, I figured it would be an extremely guilty pleasure to watch, because just looking at the Plot Synopsis and images on the back of the Box, you could tell that this wasn?t going to be high art. Instead, it angered me. I put the lacking Visual Treats out of my mind and tried to accept the film for what is was strong in, but I drew large blanks. If you?re reading this, I doubt you?ve seen the film, and my aim is to convince you with my criticism that you shouldn?t change that.

So the Premise of this abysmal mess of a Science Fiction film revolves around an alien criminal named Kol about to be executed. He manages to escape though; he steals an aircraft and lands in some woods in America. The commander of the Spaceship trying to have him executed decides to send out an indestructible death machine, named the Alienator, to execute Kol. While on Earth, Kol meets up with some teens and attempts to use them to survive the Alienator?s attack. It?s a plot ripped straight from the Terminator; right down to the title. An indestructible creature is sent to Present Day Earth, to destroy a significant individual. The differences between the 2 are few, but still apparent. For one, the Terminator was all about Time Travel, whereas Alienator is more based around aliens and space. Also, while the Terminator was in part a slasher film, Alienator decides to take inspiration from the surge of slasher films that were released following the release of John Carpenter?s Halloween. The teenagers that act responsible survive, and those that act stupid get what they deserve. However, much like all of these Slasher films, it?s entirely predictable and you guess the fates of all of the characters. The film attempts to throw in a few sub-plots, and most of them are unnecessary. There?s a romance sub-plot to do with a couple of the teens, and there?s one teen in particular who has an odd past. They go nowhere and just add to the time that the film runs. One sub-plot tries to actually make the audience think; is Kol really a cruel and dangerous being, or is he falsely accused. Normally, I applaud a film for taking a smart tactic, but Alienator misses out on that praise. When a film applies this tactic in an effort to be smart, they make sure that the writing and story based around that sub-plot is thought out properly as to actually be smart. The question surrounding Kol?s personality never had me thinking, because the film isn?t subtle about displaying it. I?m going to ruin the ending here, so if you?re desperate not to know, then skip to the next paragraph. It?s revealed that the Alienator was right in trying to kill Kol, because he is a ruthless and selfish tyrant, determined to murder and continue his own life. Throughout the film, there are occasional poorly written scenes that try to pose him as a misunderstood and falsely sentenced individual, but the actual script made it easy to determine his true emotions. Everything he does is selfish and over the top, and when they try to paint him as a kinder individual, it fails.

There isn?t a single recognisable actor in this film. Being this low budget, it?s no surprise that the actors chosen were cheap to hire, and their talent reflects. The person playing the role of the Alienator, Teagan Clive, has the excuse of being wooden. Playing the robot and merciless killer doesn?t require a layered performance. The rest of the cast are also very wooden and unbearable to watch though, but they don?t have an excuse. There?s no point listing off the actors, because they?re not recognisable.

I?ve already commented on the special effects being terrible. It?s to be expected though with a film this low budget. It doesn?t change that they?re terrible though, it just gives you the indication that they couldn?t have been much better. The sets though were terrible. There are a couple of scenes that were filmed in the woods, but they?re chosen poorly and directed terribly that the set may as well be fake.

Alienator is a film that comes ever so close to getting my 0 out of 10 rating. A couple of fun sound effects barely elevates it over that level, but it?s dangerously close to the completely irredeemable rating. There are some films that are so bad that they?re good, but this isn?t one of them. It?s just plain bad, not recommendable, and a waste of both time and money. My advice, and I beg you to take it, is to not give this film a second thought.

Andrew?s rating: 0.5 out of 10
September 7, 2010
Alienator: (noun) to make indifferent or hostile... yeah, pretty much. Give me a break, it's 4:00 am.
½ August 28, 2010
Only survived 5 mins of this movie!! Acting, costumes, dialogue, special effects were soo bad I could feel my intelligence slipping away from me!!
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½ November 3, 2009
October 31, 2009
Hilarious sci-fi "B-movie" from the late 80's. This film has it all, bad dialogue,bad haircuts,bad acting and very cheap special effects! The have a "Bad" alien that looks like Huey Lewis,a female body builder cyborg and the best thing about this film is that the actors look so serious delivering lines like "so you know E.T?" ha ha ha Hilarious! As a movie, giving 1 star to this crapfest is being generous,but as a "B-Movie" at least this gets 3 and a half stars! Recommended only to B-movie lovers!
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