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March 16, 2011
"All Is Forgiven" starts in Vienna in 1995 as Victor(Paul Blain) and Annette(Marie-Christine Friedrich) celebrate the sixth birthday of their daughter Pamela(Victoire Rousseau). As well as things might seem, he slips away for an appointment with his drug dealer. Things do not go any better on Victor's home turf of Paris where his drug use continues, along with his writer's block which he confesses to his sister Martine(Carole Franck). And things are only about to get worse for Victor...

"All Is Forgiven" is a poignant and deeply affecting movie with a nicely ambiguous ending. As writer-director Mia Hansen-Love pointed out in introducing the movie, it is about the passage of time. The movie is broken up into two halves with a deft transition in focus. Unlike the buildings and other structures referenced(just a quick reminder to never tell a child about collapsing bridges because then you will have to deal with her nightmares), people require much more sensitive and complex repairs, as they attempt to move forward with their lives. What may have been done for the best intentions at the time, may have ramifications for all concerned down the road. So, do people really change over time? And is love just another drug?
½ December 22, 2008
a story that lightly moved you by the fleeting emotions but not the plot details, and so Paul Blain is equally convincing acting both at the same time as an abusive drug addict and an intimate caring father, it is after all the lovely enchanting daughter - Pamela enfant (Victoire Rousseau) and Pamela adolescente (as played by Constance Rousseau, Victoire's real elder sister) - that are responsible for holding the movie's scattered bits and pieces somewhat together again (9/12/2008)
December 3, 2008
The French twin to the ever painful and boring Silent Light, this film dragged for 105min from start to finish, stopping only to blather on about nothing that mattered to anyone.
December 3, 2008
Although some of the scenes and narrative have skipped, it's convincing enough
½ May 30, 2008
Everything is understated, which I love, but it's taken so far that it undercuts the second half of the film.
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