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November 9, 2009
For her first feature film of the 1980s, Belgian director Chantal Akerman spun this marvellous web of a film. TOUTE UNE NUIT spans the duration of one hot summer night in Brussels. There are no characters to follow, no stories to keep up with. Instead, as in Akerman's earlier works, time is the main character. Only here, that time has a definite name: the night. All through the night, we see various people, inhabitants of this bland, drealy location, engaging in all sorts of nocturnal encounters. A definite melancholy tone floods the entire film, marking it as one of Akerman's absolute best.
July 24, 2008
This is misleadingly titled; it's actually TOUTE UNE NUIT, and it is my very favorite Chantal Akerman movie.

Set during one night, it is a series of minidramas, little romantic episodes in which people meet, embrace, kiss; nothing is ever really spelled out, we nevr know anyone's name, yet all the (many) different people are so individualized (though Chantal Akerman does have a love for seeing women walk around in high heels, as she also showed in THE GOLDEN 80s) that each little fragment is a story, complete in itseklf. Yet it's also all edited so that the fragments all cohere into a symphony of love, longing and desire. And the audience's desires are played with: we want to see each couple united, we want to see each couple engaged in a clinch, we want the fulfillment of love.

And so this teasing and hypnotic film weaves its spell to let us know that in the night, love isn't just a possibility, it's an inevitability. Perhaps this is romanticism, but there it is.
March 10, 2008
I am going to give this a bit more credit than it deserves. It isn't bad, just boring. This is just a bunch of random shots tied together by the fact they all occur around one night and are all about love coming together or coming apart. There is no accompanying music that I can even slightly remeber so that adds to the dullness. What makes it sad is that the cinematography is beautiful, it was shot so well, and some of these characters you want to care about and know their stories but you can't; so its sad in that way that its almost a wasted film. But I shouldn't say that- it isn't bad, in hindsight esp. it isn't bad, just boring. Really by the midpoint I was thinking "The gimick is over, lets get on with it.' But you can't, you just can't get involved!
December 30, 2007
Sadly it's only avail in the US on vhs. Check it out. Jim Jarmusch said it was one of the best of 1980s!
½ December 13, 2007
one of my favorite.
Akerman is so sensitive to capture the night vision of the big city.
their loneliness, their craziness, their doubts, their dream, their love , their desire and also their hesitation...are all be captured in this film
October 16, 2007
i all i all nite long thing lol
August 20, 2007
Also called "Toute une nuit" ... one of my favourite fims of all time. I first saw this film in my intro film class, and it was screened back to back with David Cronenberg's Videodrome. Now, a lot of people left during Videodrome, but I've never seen so many people leave a "theatre" as I did when this started playing. Granted Videodrome was insanely strange, and this film is also insanely strange its own way ... but still ... leaving the theatre?? I usually reserve that for films that actually suck. This film is brilliant in its own way. There really isn't a plot to speak of, which definitely makes it seems like it sucks, but in truth, it does not. Having watched it three times now, I can say that it only becomes more and more truthful and potent, the more you see it ... or perhaps I should say, the more you allow yourself to see in it. When I wrote a paper on this film, I described it as cinematic poetry, and just as most great poetry leaves something to the imagination, so this film does too. I dare you to take the time to appreciate this film. If you do, I find it hard to believe that you won't find it simply heartbreaking.
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